Saturday, 27 October 2007

We're Off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all - just to tell you this am we got a phone call - the house at the bottom of the chain has been bought by first time buyers (who are renting) so we are off the starting line!!

Just had a break to watch Move Over Darling with Doris Day and now we are off upstairs to start sorting out - Whippeeeeeee.............................

A lot of work has been done already for our buyers and us and for our buyers buyers! So I dont think it will be that long in happening.


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, yippeee!!!! So happy for you! It will feel great to move forward now! Have a great weekend! Jenn and Jacqui

Rosie said...

great news, glad you are on the move at last - new home for the new year. perhaps? Or even for Christmas? I hope it all goes smoothly for you :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! I hope everything goes ok - i found your blog through other peoples and love it!!! There are sooooo many photos!1

Katherines Dream said...

I am pleased for you and I am keeping everything crossed !!
You are going through everything that we were going through 3 years ago....down-sizing, impending retirement for hub, me wanting to give up work.
Everything fell into place, I did miss the money when I first gave up work but soon got used it, it just means that hub has to pay for more and he does too at last !
After all he does have his pension and has started a new carear.

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh wonderful! I can't wait to come over for a cuppa in the new place! I'll bring the biscuits!

Rowan said...

Good luck with everything, my son and his wife have just sold their flat for the second time over the weekend so we too are all hoping that things go smoothly this time round. It's a really stressful thing - glad it isn't me.

Katherines Dream said...

I think that you may had a lucky escape! I amnot being horrible but I sooooooo ANGRY with the state of NHS.
My Katie came home yesterday from the hospital, she was working ALONE AGAIN.......for her team, she is always alone lately, God, it is a tragedy waitng to happen. The reason, her team buddy had called in to say she would NOT be working today....she had called the senior Midwife who was at home. So Katie arrives for work, she is 3 months pregnant and does get quite tired, even mmore so if she is working alone. Her buddy called her later in the day to expain.......
Since April they had been TOLD not agreed TOLD by 3 senior Midwives that from now when they are on-call which is a 10 hour shift they will only be paid for 7 hours ! ! !
Well the 2 teams were not happy but decided to just get on with it, stupid girls.
Well, so someone has been told this is probably not legal (employment Law) and their contracts should not have been changed without proper consultation.
So you can see, I am so angry that she has worked a 96 hour week-probably a bit nore in realality but only been paid 37 1/2 hours....
I am lost for words, what were those Midwives thinking of......
She is my baby still, I am livid and so is her Father.
I am glad I am out of the NHS.
All my friends who still work there have had enough, one was telling she cannot wait to retire.

Katherines Dream said...

Sorrry for the RANT previous.
I am an angry Mum.
Well we Katie & I have had a nice day shopppppping for maternity clothes.
I really am sorry for my rant I have thought about deleting it.
Kate is going to get proper legal advise now. I'll let you know how we get on.
I did make an error in that last post...I meant to say she is owed 96 hours total in pay and that she had worked 49 hours on her on call week and paid 37 !

Katherines Dream said...

Thank you for your support.
You are right.
Definately a newly painted Kitchen for you. Katie painted her orange pine kitchen in her first house and it looked gorgeous.
she chose F&B Pointing as her colour.
They have such great colours its hard to pick. The great hing is you can re-paint when you fancy change.

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Catherine..
I am with you all the way on the nail biting journey of house moving... I will pray to the powers that be that all goes well and you can settle into your new nest soon..

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Oh Catherine-hope it all works out this time-I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!

Suzie Sews said...

Such exciting news...oh so many lovely plans to make...Have fun...
Suzie Sews

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
thank you so much for a warm welcome, i don't mean to be rude but can't wait until i have finished typing you this message because i want to read through your blog! lol.
The paper below the dado rail was just an idea,we had seen some paneling in laura ashley looked tasteful.
Thank you for your advice it is appreciated.
Thank you also for the comment on my name and yes i agree its fantastic to make friends that want to live shabbily ever after ;)
take care
kristina x