Monday, 22 October 2007

Pics after Tea!!............

This is my printers tray full of lovely bits - lots of metal letters that Alan found in a skip - perfect!
For those who looked at earlier blog pics these are the wardrobes we recently completed in Kates room (see estate agents pics earlier)all in LA duck egg.

This is another little shelf unit - full of vintage again

This the top of the shelves - the faux vine goes round the top of the wall and actually looks good

These shelves are in the garden room as well as you can see I like chickens NB the bottom shelf

The shelf is in my garden room - I love chickens
This a shelf over my kitchen door NB the jugs Claire!!

The chintzy bits are on my windowsill in the bedroom

Some lovely vintage plates - the tiny table and chairs are bakelite and the little flowers are a lovely brooch and earrings from one of those oddments boxes for £2 the lot

My side with books, the alarm clock or we would never get up and you can't see the untidy pile of mags!

This is Alan's side of the bed with his tapes

Here are more 'round the house' pictures

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Katherines Dream said...

What a good idea.....Bedside cabinate 'Musts'.........
Is Kate your daughter? I have a daughter Kate too, well she is a Katherine really.
I think that is a really good idea you had to put a shelf above the door, I want one too.
Lovely pictures Catherine, great post.
x x