Monday, 13 December 2010

Getting on with life

Well its several weeks now since Dad died and I can't say life is any easier without him but I have stopped walking round in a daze so much and started to move forward.

Mam is doing so well, she is taking charge of her life and her future, she breaks down a lot but she picks herself up and carries on, I am so proud of her.

This Christmas will be difficult but we will still have each other and we will be remembering Dad with us all together as a family and probably laughing as we remember how he hated Xmas and its trivia. Dad will be watching us I know and I hope he is free from pain wherever he is.

The threat of redundancy hangs over so many of us in Local Authorities and we are waiting at the moment for news of the latest restructure. Then if our department comes through it unscathed or reduced we then have to go through another possible restructure as we move elsewhere as a unit. It is never ending and this will be our 5th restructure in the same number of years. Alan is counting the days to his retirement and has been told that his post will not be replaced but his job will be spread around five others to take on!! I told him they would miss him when had gone. He is ready to go and he is not one of these people who wants to carry on after 65. He is planning his retirement with enthusiasm and finsihing in July is going to be revitalising for him. Lets just hope that my income isnt lost as well, though as Dad would sat - you cut your cloth!!

We have been doing a few Vintage and Retro Fairs through seeing Julie ( at them and being encouraged to give it a go. We have been selling the extra stuff we do not need! and also selling some of my lavender bags and hearts made from old linens as well as cushions. I like making things and its my way of enjoying creativity. Its especially heartening when people want to buy what you have made. You meet some lovely people they are particularly friendly up in Durham and Northumberland.

I have just been ordering BBC comedy audio books from Amazon and ebay for Alan now he is in bed.