Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My gorgeous grandson

Long time no post!

Where does time go? My wonderful grandson is now 1 year old and on Monday he took his first steps. He is pure joy with a lovely personality and a pleasure to be with. Its lovely watching him play and work out how things happen with his toys and then when he comes again to see us he goes straight to the toy and remembers what it does.

The picture was taken in July and I love it so much. The party pictures are so typical of his smile and laughter.
He has brought so much happiness to the whole family with his smiles and laughter.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

A 2014 Update

Where did the first few months of 2014 go??

I am now 'retired' since 31/3/2014 but not had much chance to enjoy it yet. I got a nasty virus on Good Friday which started off as an exceptionally heavy cold then just went on and on, and gave me a chest infection. The virus lasted so long it was only last Friday that I could say I was officially better. It left me so weak I could only walk a few hundred yards and then I had to go home, so Alan has been looking after everything.

Then out of the blue on May 1st Alan's Mum died of 'natural causes' at the ago of 90. It was such a shock to us all and we just had to get on with clearing her sheltered accommodation flat, so I literally sat at the table in my weak state and directed stuff to different bags.

Pat was a lovely lady, always happy to see you and with a wicked sense of humour, she will be sorely missed by all of the family. 

I cannot believe how much stuff she had in her tiny little bedsit !! We had the funeral on the 16th and it was a beautiful service on a beautiful day, the sun shines on the righteous.......................

I have added a proud picture of my grandson who is now 8.5 months and a bundle of joy.
He is the image of his Dad and the happiest little chap you could know

Friday, 20 September 2013

News from North Yorkshire

Hello everyone - well Summer is over by the look of it and Autumn is establishing itself now.

We have had a lot of things going on here in Northallerton. My daughter has met a lovely young man called Kris at the beginning of the year and they are moving into a rented bungalow in town at the beginning of October. So we are on our own from then on.

My eldest son has just come back from Mexico and is engaged to his partner, so we have a wedding next year.

My youngest son David and his partner are the very proud and wonderful parents of Jackson. He was born on the 29th August at 8.40pm and weighed 7lbs 10ozs. He was 14 days late and his little fingers and hands showed he was, but within a couple of hours he was fine.  He is now 3 weeks and 1 day old and he is so beautiful.

I am still working at the same job and have 6 months left in post. There is definitely no job after March for me so I will have to see if there is anything that they make me take on redeployment. Anyway we will see.

We have just bought some new sofas whilst I am working and can get interest free payments!! So I am sitting here on one of them tonight and they are lovely, we have also fitted carpet in this room where we had laminate before. It is very cosy in here now I just have to finish the curtains, they are half done but we have a big bay window so they are huge.  Alan needs to make me a piece of mdf to put round the bay to hang the tracking from.

We have been using the caravan we sited at Whitby for the Summer and we have had some lovely days spent there in such a lovely area. Kate and Kris have used the caravan as well and loved it, they will be using it more next year as there won't be much spare cash around when they are sharing the costs of a house together.

This year has seen a lot of changes for us as a family and they have all been good.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Well I made it - less than a year since my last post. So here we are again and Happy New Year for 2013.

I have been out there reading all my favourite posts over the year and find ever more lovely people to read about.

We have finally finished installing the kitchen and here are some photos of it. There are still tiles needed above the cooker and maybe on the wall only, I don't want them all the way around the units.  I simply cannot choose some, I so do not want to get it wrong and then not like them! So I live without them!  There is an extractor to be fitted inside the cupboard above the cooker and some lights under the wall units to go in.  We put a tiled laminate on the floor and are really pleased with it.  We couldn't have cushionfloor because of the supporting pillar which would have meant a join.  I havent added the skirting around or behind the bootom of the units. Cannot decide whether to or not.


Now for the best news - We are to become grandparents in August - how fantastic is that?!!!

My youngest son David moved out with his partner and into a little house in the next village - almost where we used to live. They settled in and loved their new life together - they are a little shocked at their own news! but had a 12 week scan today and are overwhelmed by their baby picture.  They are moving back into a lovely house fairly near to us and her Mum. They can walk into town and work etc. They are renting and I can't see them ever affording to buy in our town it is very expensive. The 2 bedroom place they were in was £495 and this one is £500.

My eldest son Adam moved into a new house just before Christmas after a long summer of buying and losing etc, but this one was worth waiting for.  They are so thrilled with it and it is already their own lovely home and it seems like they have been there for ages.

My daughter is still with us, not that I mind, I miss the others dreadfully and it will be awful when she eventually flies the nest.  It is so expensive for a single person to rent and as she gets older (27 next week) her friends pair off and move in together.  She was looking around but you really need someone to share with.

I am now in the last year of my contract at work, it ends in December 2013 but should be extended in the next couple of months to 31st March 2014.  I have never worked so hard as I did last year and this year is no different. Some nights if it has been particularly fraught I have my tea and have a sleep for an hour or so - I usually cannot stay awake.  If I am watching something one night I tend to watch and stitch or watch and do my tapestry cushions on my frame, so I can at least achieve something other than my job  during the week.

The latest stroke of genius they have had at the top is to take all the pay bands up to 8 and remvoe the odd numbers, so if you have been a band 7 for several years you now have the honour of being a band 6 with a pay cut!  We argued that job evaluation had decided the posts were linked to the salary but they are scrappong the job descriptions that matched the bands! 

I would leave tomorrow if I could financially but I also do nto want to let my colleagues down nor the projects I work with - so here I am fast approaching 57 in July.  I still have 21 days holiday to take before the end of March this year and not really anytime to take it!

Anyway enough of public sector life - in September last year we bought a lovely 2 berth caravan on a spur of the moment. It was for sale along our road and is immaculate.  They were leaving everything in as well as an awning so we snapped it up.  We have found a lovely little farm site just outside Whitby and my brother will take it there for us in March and it will be pitched there until the end of October.  We are determined that I will get some holidays in, in 2013 and have decided the best way to do that is to have long weekends and little mid-week breaks, as the work is just too much to go back to if I have a full week off.  We are really looking forward to using it as we love that area.  I hope for many warm days sitting in the sun outside my 'second home'.  I don't like going away from home really, I prefer to spend my time off in my garden or home but this is a compromise and I will consider it to be my home in Whitby.

I can see that life is going to change greatly this year with the baby coming. Leonnie is a hairdresser, though she prefers to be in the barbers linked to her work.  She thinks she will go back two or three days a week after maternity leave, so it will hopefully mean that her Mum and I will look after the baby to help.

This means if I get the opportunity to get redundancy in March 2014, I will have some lovely times to look forward to.  Alan was a bit shocked about the baby at first but he gettng used to the idea. I AM JUST SO EXCITED babies just come and bring happiness with them and I cannot think of a better way to spend part of my week looking after it.

It will be a struggle financially to not look for another job after this one and I dont get my state pension until I am 66! but we arent big spenders and you can't buy time can you......................

I will be back!! hopefully sooner than last time

Friday, 10 February 2012

Happy New Year

Yes I know it's the 10th February but it still a new year!

I ended up in A&E one evening and the result of that was the need to have an operation 'in the new year'. So here I am on the settee with stitches in my navel!! delightful....................... I have a sick note for two weeks when I was only expecting to be off for a week so don't know what will happen at work. I have been working like mad trying to get the work done again by the deadline and was expecting to be back soon. even worked Saturday and Sunday to get some more done. Mind you the way I feel now I am not surprised they said 2 weeks. This is very sore (umbilical hernia) and it took me three days to get over the 'general' anyway enough of that.

I have added some more bloggers to my side bar today, more lovely people for you to read about.

I have the laptop on a long cushion on my knee so it doesn't touch my tummy so have had a lovely afternoon clicking on people's lives all over the world. It has also motivated me to make some vintagey cushions for the next time we have a stall in the Spring.

Kate turned 26 on Monday and Adam will be 28 next week - how to feel old eh? They are lovely all of them, Kate is concerned that she has moved into another box on forms because she is not 18-25 anymore !! She is convinced she is going to be a spinster after another of her relationships bombed! What can you say to her, most of her friends have partners or are married. I have told her better to meet someone right than the wrong person too early but that doesn't help her when she is a single amongst the doubles..........

Right off for some Ibuprofen and an early night.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas to one and all

Well here we are on the 24th December 2011, I have finally got my feet up ............... what a long day, this has to be the record year for me being behind with everything. Wrapped all the presents this afternoon with Celine Dion belting out to sing to, chopped everything in sight and finall got the cards up on ribbons on 7pm!

We have Alan's Mum, Pat here for Xmas, she is lovely and settles in straight away. Looking forward to tomorrow, Mum is having her lunch with my brother Peter and family and we will see her shortly. The turkey crown is roasting and smelling lovely, should be ready about 9.45 then I shall be up the stairs.

I had a night in our local hospital a couple of weeks ago and it turns out I have an umbilical hernia so will be getting an appointment in the New Year.

I 'got' my job and now do the work of three people, we are flat out at work so glad for the break now, they are shutting the whole building this year and we put leave in for the days between. Its a good job I love what I do because the last month has been so hard, I have worked long hours every day just to get the work done. It should ease off a little after Xmas, it is always going be very busy but not like it had to be the last couple of months but three of us have pulled together and got through it, unfortunately all this stress has meant us consuming food ! and all of the 16 pounds I had lost have crept back on again with an extra one for luck!!

We have moved out of the main building and now work from the former caretakers lodge which is quite nice but unfortunately has a proper kitchen which means there is a toaster and a microwave which means there are food making facilities thus the extra consumption!!!

Alan is settling in to being retired unfortunately he thinks that role of house husband is a TV critic!! We have words most days about the lack of progress with the house that still need doing as well as the lack of housework being done. I don't think I am asking too much for him to do some of the chores when I am working all day and the last 3 weeks until 6.15 every week night.

Anyway sorry to moan, Alan now has bronchitis quite badly so we are getting our feet up over the break and I am determined to get some reading done and some sewing hopefully.

All the best to everyone (anyone??) who reads this, I intend to do some serious blog reading in the next few days, hope Santa brings what you would like and you all have a lovely time.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Time moves on........................

Hope you like my jumble sale doggy, he is so lovely but do I rehome him??
This is my gorgeous niece on her wedding at the end of July - the weather was perfect

This is my auction house buy - he is wonderful too.
Well here I am in August last post was May so not the most frequent blogger on the block!
The pictures above are of my two dogs purchased earlier this year, the big one was from the local auction and the little one from the jumble sale I help out at once a year. They were taken out and washed with shampoo and then showered and allowed to dry naturally in the sunshine we had in about May this year, they came up so well and I live them to bits!

I am still working and it doesn't look like I will be able to leave as planned. My job was officially deleted from the County Council a couple of weeks ago. My line manager and I had to go for the higher job that was available or we would not have been eligible for redundancy. Anyway Norma got it which is right because she is a higher grade than me and I am pleased for her, she has also sold her house and got rid of her mortgage, which is a triumph these days. The job has still not been graded through job evaluation so it may not even turn out to be a higher job.... the joys of local government.
Anyway the next news is that one of the women whose job was saved ( the same job/salary as I do but on a fixed term contract) requested voluntary redundancy because of the imminent stress that the job would cause her due to the restructure - lo and behold she was granted it. Now this job is one that was carried out by two full time people with two people helping out a claims times, it is now a post for one person only. I have to go for the job as I am doing it now and again would forfeit any redundancy if I did not. They then decided to let her go early (today) and left me doing the job on my own. They would not advertsie her job until she had gone and I am not 'ring fenced' for it as it was not part of the unit's restructure! So it will be advertised next week when they get around to it - in the meantime they are not bothered because I am sat here doing it. I hope you are keeping up ......................

I have to go for jobs as they will not let you get redundnancy if you don't - my date for leaving is 27th October. I have decided that rather than take a job I don't want or don't know anything about that I am better to go for the 'devil you know', so I will apply for it when it goes on the bulletin. I equally cannot assume that I will get the job because our boss has not been successful when she applied for her own job nor the one underneath. We do not know why, but we do know that her face obviously doesn't fit - she is fantastic at her job and has so much knowledge that if she goes we will struggle to carry out the funding programmes without her.

So, if this job (if I get it!) is the one for me then I have a contract until December 2013 and hopefully by then I may get redundancy as Alan will be 67. It has been a long summer we have all been working so very hard with no time for holidays from work, I had this week booked off but had to cancel it due to workload. I may get a week in mid September after all the claims are done.

It has been strange weather up here in the North and the garden has been scorched and then battered, water logged and burnt, good old Blighty eh, never lets you down when it comes to unpredictability.

Alan is enjoying his retirement ie he is not doing anything! We were notified of an old pension from a job he was made redundant from and it was a lovely surprise, it isn't a fortune but we were able to take a lump sum, so he did and he is now the owner of a Mini Cooper S!!! Is this a mid to late life crisis I ask?? It is lovely and more comfortable than I expected, he started with a mini van in the 60's and now he is back in one, though this is a much improved version. Needless to say as I am still working we will hang on to my Fiesta - which has a sensible boot and will allow us to do our Fairs.

What a ramble that was - we have had our Niece's wedding which was wonderful. The day was perfect in every way and we could do it all again.
The picture of my niece Louise with my brother and his wife, looking beautiful and a radiant bride- has to stay there as I can never position these bloomin' photos on the blog. She has been making stuff for her day for months now, including 70 metres of double sided bunting, little pot tealights with doily patterns imprinted on them, all her invitations, and favours. She also made and hand printed all of the orders of service which were lovely and a perfect keepsake. The service was in her local church and was perfect, then back to her new husband's farm where there was a beautiful marquee and a small band playing, the sun was shining and everything was lovely and vert English. There was a converted piggery (beautiful) with doily bunting and fairy lights leading to the marquee, she had tables laid out with vintage crockery and cakes and little eats as well as a table with old jars and inside were old fashioned sweets and an old typewriter for you to type your good wishes on home made cards for her to keep from the day, this girl must have been making this delightful stuff for months and months. There was even a corner with little tables and colouring books and puzzles for the little ones.
Everyting had been so carefully planned and
The food was superb, the venue was stunning and we had the most perfect day...........even down to the vintage cups and saucers for the tea and wedding cake at the end to the vintage tablecloths adorning every table - vintage bliss.................................
I am off today, Friday - we are sitting here with the heating on low getting snuggly and now I am going to pick up my good murder and snuggle in.