Thursday, 8 April 2010

Changes afoot

My son and his recently married wife Vicky have seperated - he came home and told us that he did not love her anymore and did not want to be with her. We are devastated for Vicky as Adam was her life and everything she had ever wanted but it is not to be. I just wish he had called it a day before he promised his life to her by getting married. She is lovely and she is totally broken by his decision I just do not know what to say to her. I am not taking sides but cannot help but feel desperately sorry for her. We keep in touch by email and text and have talked a lot about how she feels, she is a broken person and has been very brave.

Adam is living here with us until Vicky finds somewhere to rent ( we think she is fixed up now with a house) and then he will move back. He was already in the process of buying his little house when they got together so it is in his name and he doesnt want to sell yet because of the fixed rate penalty and alomost negative equity at the moment. As he is still married they are both signing a document saying how they split things up and that when he sells the house he will split the profit with her as they have both paid equal money into since moving in together - though he put down the deposit etc. They were only married in August but had been together 3 years. It is so sad, he told my parents tonight - we have been putting off telling them cos of Dad but they were really ok about it.

I am in the meantime sewing lots of things amd making things to sell on a stall at the end of the month in Masham - there is thread everywhere and my head is full of ideas with not enough time to make all the things I want to. There are 12 different types of cushions cut out, gift tags printed, fabric pictures made and bunting to sew up as well as hearts and lavender sachets made of vintage linens.