Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Only a few weeks late..................................

Hello - yet another upside down post - I need tuition!! Please read and bear with me whilst I get to grips with the problem - some of you must be veryadept at this posting lark!! and some of my pics leave a lot to be desired!Lostthe text somehow - this was my Nana's and the original pencil is still fasteed on the back yet I always remember her using it all the time.

My Emma Bridgewater teapot - bargain charity find £3.99! Love it......................

This is a vase I bought with my Xmas moneyfrom a little gallery in Ripon but can't remember the name of the lady who makes them she is from Lincolnshire and I love her stuff. Plus its very well priced.
The teaset pieces below were £4.00 and I am hoping that when I get back to Elsecar next month I can still buy the rest - I bet its gone I ummed and aaahed over the set and then didnt get it and regretted it all the way home. If its there then I will use this everyday for tea etc as it is so beautiful and should be used and loved. The colours are lovely - so fresh.

This is my bargain shelf from earlier posts it has now moved to the other side of the kitchen and we have added a radiator shelf for more display and it proved to be a good move you can feel the benefit of the radiator much more now and I am happy to have more 'stuff' space! I am wanting to T&G the bottom of the kitchen walls and them add some wallpaper on the top half it shouldn't be too big a job for Alan! we have done it in the last two houses and I love the look - then I can incorporate a nice slubby creamy F&B colour. I love the wallpapers that 'Little Red House' has in her house in America and I know we can get them over here.

The radiator shelf is where my gorgeous box from Lucy Bloom sits with my little mice in it. The two small ones where Xmas decs and reduced to £1.99. They had quite harsh whiskers in black so I took them off they are so well dressed I love them and these mice arent 'just for Christmas'!

These are my Beatrix Potter figures which I have mentioned below. Thispart of the post was the first bit originally I really need to get my head around laying out these posts but not this am. I did this Thursday and its now Sat am just having a cuppa then lots to do. Though Alan is quite settled watching 'Dave' channel - he doesnt know he is going to North Yorkshire Timber shortly to purchase some long shelving for above the kitchen window and door.

I am back in the land of posting having never left the land of blogging, I have been reading more than ever actually finding more to read all the time. Do you ever read a blog and then click on links within the text to another then another until you think - now whose blog did I start reading an hour ago??

On the home front my Dad is not as bad as we first thought. He saw the consultant in early January and he stopped his water tablets, increased his hormone levels quite a lot and sent him to see the kidney man telling him to come back in April. He does not need radiotherapy at the moment. He took some tests and he is going there soon for the results, in the meantime his GP told him that his kidneys were not as bad as they first thought. Dad bucked up so much after the appointment in Jan in fact we all have. Mum said this week he definitely has small breasts forming and sore nipples - Dad doesn't care!The whole family has bucked up after quite a rough Xmas so lets see what 09 is going to bring.

My son and his fiancee have finalised the food for the wedding - they are really glad they aren't spending much on the day and are both quite contented with the plans they are making. Vicky went to Hartlepool (for anyone who watches the news they don't just break up ships with asbestos in them there!!) to a lovely bridal shop and is making her mind up at the moment as to which dress she will have. She discussed with my Mam this week about the cakes as Mam is a wonderful cake lady and her friend Marilyn ices exquisite cakes, its just a matter of deciding on decor now. They are having a fruit cake with royal icing on the day and one for the night do next day along with some big chocolate cakes. I think that's wise then you cover all tastes.
I think I am feeling excited now but am not thinking about what I am going to wear yet! That is too traumatic though there are only 30 people going for the wedding lunch and I know most of them.

Kate's boyfriend returns from training in the Falklands for Valentine's weekend so we won't be seeing much of her! We are cat sitting for Adam and Vicky so they can see friends in Immingham. We will probably start Kate's room whilst she is away.

Whilst I have not been posting our son's little bedroom has been transformed. This is the room we have built out onto the wall facing you as you go down the stairs. He now has a wardrobe built in that space and we have fitted in a 4 foot bed and a chest of drawers. It's a bit like a ship's cabin- without the bunk! but he is so pleased with it and the fact he has some carpet at last of wich there is about 3 feet showing! He says his bed is really comfy and he has at last enough space to spread out to sleep.

There was an awful mirror with a really rough surround left above our bed which we put in the garage it was rescued by Alan who cut hardboard pieces mitred them round it and painted it white it is perfect for Davids room. We have added some floating shelves and just have another two to go up this weekend and some spot lights then its done.

I am going to try and add some pics of my little cabinet that Alan has rescued for me with some paint. We added some dolls house wallpaper and some ribbon on the edge of the shelves. It is to put my Beatrix Potter figures I love so much. I have collected on ebay sets of books and stuff like bookends ready for the childrens, children to enjoy the stories and animals like I did.
This is the end of a very upside down jumbled post hope it doesn't put any of you coming back!!