Friday, 1 February 2008

Sneaked on at work to update

Oh my goodness its 150% better than I thought it would be - this house has wrapped itslef round us and is a home.

We have a BT line today but no broadband. Rang them and it will be at least 12 days before we can get it sorted. So thanks for all your lovely comments we are all so happy.

The best thing is that because my son Davids room is so small we have said that the front living room is for him and Kate use as their own, they have spent every evening this week in there together watching tele and chatting - which they havent done for many a long day - they dont spend any evening time in their rooms anymore - what a bonus it has turned out to be. Still loads of boxes to unpack - I said to Alan last night I am so happy I can't even be bothered to complain to the solicitors and estate agents about the problems we had. We lost the cat for a couple of days but she turned up happy and well fed!! Will try and take some photos asap. Need to get clothes rails up in alcoves tonight ready for fitted robes later.

The men said they had never seen anyone with so much stuff - they had a big box van and trailer and had to go back for another two vans!!!!!

I was off on Tuesday on my own for a potter and unpack day and I was sat there in the kitchen having a little cry because I was so happy and contented. Going to order the kitchen table tomorrow and chairs - exciting. Hopefully Ross is coming with a toilet to fit under the stairs at the weekend - we decided to forfeit that area which is fab rather than the utility which would be problematic to install a loo.

Any ideas on tracking for a curved bay ??

Will keep checking you all out at lunchtime at work next week

Catherine (bay window hugger)