Friday, 10 February 2012

Happy New Year

Yes I know it's the 10th February but it still a new year!

I ended up in A&E one evening and the result of that was the need to have an operation 'in the new year'. So here I am on the settee with stitches in my navel!! delightful....................... I have a sick note for two weeks when I was only expecting to be off for a week so don't know what will happen at work. I have been working like mad trying to get the work done again by the deadline and was expecting to be back soon. even worked Saturday and Sunday to get some more done. Mind you the way I feel now I am not surprised they said 2 weeks. This is very sore (umbilical hernia) and it took me three days to get over the 'general' anyway enough of that.

I have added some more bloggers to my side bar today, more lovely people for you to read about.

I have the laptop on a long cushion on my knee so it doesn't touch my tummy so have had a lovely afternoon clicking on people's lives all over the world. It has also motivated me to make some vintagey cushions for the next time we have a stall in the Spring.

Kate turned 26 on Monday and Adam will be 28 next week - how to feel old eh? They are lovely all of them, Kate is concerned that she has moved into another box on forms because she is not 18-25 anymore !! She is convinced she is going to be a spinster after another of her relationships bombed! What can you say to her, most of her friends have partners or are married. I have told her better to meet someone right than the wrong person too early but that doesn't help her when she is a single amongst the doubles..........

Right off for some Ibuprofen and an early night.