Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas to one and all

Well here we are on the 24th December 2011, I have finally got my feet up ............... what a long day, this has to be the record year for me being behind with everything. Wrapped all the presents this afternoon with Celine Dion belting out to sing to, chopped everything in sight and finall got the cards up on ribbons on 7pm!

We have Alan's Mum, Pat here for Xmas, she is lovely and settles in straight away. Looking forward to tomorrow, Mum is having her lunch with my brother Peter and family and we will see her shortly. The turkey crown is roasting and smelling lovely, should be ready about 9.45 then I shall be up the stairs.

I had a night in our local hospital a couple of weeks ago and it turns out I have an umbilical hernia so will be getting an appointment in the New Year.

I 'got' my job and now do the work of three people, we are flat out at work so glad for the break now, they are shutting the whole building this year and we put leave in for the days between. Its a good job I love what I do because the last month has been so hard, I have worked long hours every day just to get the work done. It should ease off a little after Xmas, it is always going be very busy but not like it had to be the last couple of months but three of us have pulled together and got through it, unfortunately all this stress has meant us consuming food ! and all of the 16 pounds I had lost have crept back on again with an extra one for luck!!

We have moved out of the main building and now work from the former caretakers lodge which is quite nice but unfortunately has a proper kitchen which means there is a toaster and a microwave which means there are food making facilities thus the extra consumption!!!

Alan is settling in to being retired unfortunately he thinks that role of house husband is a TV critic!! We have words most days about the lack of progress with the house that still need doing as well as the lack of housework being done. I don't think I am asking too much for him to do some of the chores when I am working all day and the last 3 weeks until 6.15 every week night.

Anyway sorry to moan, Alan now has bronchitis quite badly so we are getting our feet up over the break and I am determined to get some reading done and some sewing hopefully.

All the best to everyone (anyone??) who reads this, I intend to do some serious blog reading in the next few days, hope Santa brings what you would like and you all have a lovely time.