Monday, 28 April 2008

More pics - less time

This is my bargain shelf unit - was 49.99 reduced to 19.99 - its a much deeper green than the photo and is distressed with terracotta underneath this is not blood smeared across it which is what it looks in the photo! Now its up we are leaving in that colour - its really nice - have taken a photo of it full of stuff but cant find hubby's card reader at the mo to publish it. It is beautifully made, can't believe the price.
These are my bargain knobs off ebay - £1.99 for the dresser - which is growing on me. Have discovered that the main thing I didnt like about it was the panelling on the base doors - after investigation we find that the panels will come off and can be reversed to plain - that will make such a difference and give me more of the look I want to achieve. The handles will be perfect - the tile is one of 5 we have put above the sink in the new loo they are much deeper blue than the photo and I keep opening the door to admire them!!
These are samples of oilcloths from ebay for the new kitchen table (aren't they gorgeous)I wanted reds and I could not resist the paisley below plus it was £14.99 for 5 metres so I have enough for the outside table in the garden as well. I almost went for the roses on the left which was very pretty but its shiny and I prefer a matt finish. Plus I can't resist a bargain.

I had to leave it long enough for when the table is extended - have just realised I took this before I cut it! so its not as long as it is here. I love it ............ Below are some jumble sale finds

Cream lampshade - loo roll holder - brand new and Hornsea pots which I thought I was going to make my fortune with on ebay but they only go for 99p! then I dropped one - Alan loves the retro look of them so we will keep them.
Lovely books which I will read one day!

Lovely childrens books

Have a day off today - so have cut foam for seat pads for kitchen chairs - to be made in LA Heath Green check- daughter has car! and is still at Ross' as she is also off today - guess she will tootle back home when she has had lie in! so I am wheel less - cant find any of my sewing reels they are still packed - where I do not know, so will have to go and buy some cotton! Thought I would add some jumble sale finds from weeks ago - thought Alan had deleted them from the camera but they were there after all. Daughter is back - I have a car - will go in to town in a mo and as atreat will 'do ' the charities and get some cotton! Gosh that took ages my pics always come in at the top of the blog so I have to sort of work backwards - anyway off now to town before daughter thinks of somewhere else to take my car!!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Update on the dresser and life here......

Hi all, well today my daughter passed her driving test - she has taken Ross out for a drive and a meal! Well done ........

The dresser - well after all the hype this is the first thing I have won on ebay that I have been disappointed with. I know I am intending to paint it but there are loads more scratches on it than were mentioned in the ad. However I fawned over it when they came on Saturday - as you do. The thing is in the picture I was expecting a fairly modern looking oak dresser like you see in the shops at the moment. It is actually the type that my parents have in the their house. Its OK but just not what I expected still never mind its packed with loads of stuff and will be painted one weekend in Summer. I was intending to take off the middle glass door so I had some open space but because it has two long shelves inside that wont be possible - still I have my wooden bargain knobs (ebay 1.99 for 8 tho I need 9!) mahogany to stain like the Smallbone kitchens or paint -we'll see.

Can't post my dresser pic from ebay as Isaved it in Word. Daughter just came back on a total high - she and Ross have been looking at moving out and his boss has offered them a place to rent about 11 miles from here - they hav been sat with us working out how much money it will cost to live together - she came back down to earth with a bit of a bump! Still I reckon they would manage. Hmm I won't be able to persuade Alan to extend now.................I must come back tomorrow and post the jumble pics and some I took the other of the dresser. Night night

Whoops nearly forgot we are now on the eau de nil match pot from LA we need the pale one I think but they didn't have any! I will get this hall and stairs painted eventually - in the time I have taken Alan has been concentrating on the garden - he has done loads and all I do is sit with the paintcards and tell him where to plant stuff we brought with us - its looking good.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Perfect evening with lovely company............

Ross's parents turned out to be lovely people and we had a lovely evening - they even put the lights off around us to give us the hint to leave. Perfect food and perfect company. Have probably decided on Clubch for the hall and stairs?? Who knows - might have to go home via Homebase for another couple of match pots?? Just to make sure??

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Meeting Kate's fiancee's parents tonight aaaargh

We are out tonight for Kate's fiancee's (Ross - who put our heating in!) birthday and we are meeting his parents for the first time. I am looking forward to it because Kate says we will like them lots. Its still a bit nerve wracking though - but I love the place we are going to eat. It's called Joe Rigatoni's in Yarm. I shall have to drag out my glad rags.............

I bought a dresser on ebay (bargain!!) and the sellers are delivering it for us on Saturday - then they rang to say they could come Thursday night, I was gutted, we never go out from one week to the next and the one night I could have got my dresser early we are out. So its coming Saturday am instead. Its oak with three glass doors - I have bought it to paint, possibly cream with cooking apple green inside - however hubby thinks it will be criminal to paint it but you don't know what its really going to be like till we see it in person. I also know if its ok I will be so glad to get all my bits out and in situ - that will mean about 4 big boxes and 4 small ones unpacked - Whoopeeeee.

I will add my finds from the jumble sale to my blog when I find the camera. We are painting the hallway at the moment and the walls have Clunch, Pointing, Teresa's Green, Ringwold Ground, and Dimity (Farrow & Ball paints) dotted around them whilst we decide which colour is right. We can't make decisions any more!!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Realised I hadnt put the table and chairs pic on yet!

Here they are - I think the chairs are a bit bright am wondering if they would spray them over in a darker shade that Cooking Apple or perhaps a bit darker cream sort of a mucky version?? Ideas please on a postcard.........
We already had two chairs in a smaller version but I would like another odd windsor for the end, pluss it extends another place setting so the smaller version chair will go with the small table in the conservatory - where it may become blue!!

This is Alan's shed/workshop - he loves it and has it nearly all shleved out. He has just left with some stuff - we are at the annual village jumble sale tonight - where we help out and get first choice of everything!! Excited or what?? I love this jumble sale...........................Hope to have some goddies to show you tomorrow when its snowing??

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Pics in the early morning before the PC slows down

Our seller did leave us some nice fish!!This is the true state of how we are!! These boxes are 6 deep and we think there are still 42 to unpack. We cant get the loft boarded out as planned and a bigger entrance and ladder installed because we think we might convert it after bad news over the side extension. Our seller bless his cotton socks - submitted plans for an ordinary garage extension and when he was doing it decided to dig the foundations properly for an upper storey at a later date. Unfortunately the planning didnt show this - so we understand we would have to have professionals in to dig down to the foundations and then a structural engineer would have to come and verify that the foundations were deep enough. That would take a lt of our money put aside for an extension so we are going to be cheeky and look at some ofthe loft conversions along the road. So theres no point in boarding the loft out and filling it with 'stuff' at the mo. Once again our seller hasnt quite told us the truth about what he had done....................Buyer beware - perhaps part of the HIP thing should be a truth test!! Oops better be off its 7.15am and my hair is drying fast!! Lots to accomplish before leaving for the coalface.

Second attempt tonight to add pix to a blog!

I have added this pic to show the curtain print its charcoal and I thought it would go well with the pinky reds of the settee and chairs. I have finally worked out that I can add a photo at the top and then write after it! Have spent 50 mins doing just these few so off to bed now its 11.06pm!
This is the fireplace which everyone likes but me! - its very red glossy mahogany varnish and instead I am having my brother's 1930's oak fireplace - high with a mirror - Alan is happy to change it for that one as he loves it too. The fire is gas and the seller left us a little note saying it doesn't work! We are thinking of a real fire instead but the gas one only needs a thermocoupling so I bet it will be a gas one for now - there are just too many other things that we need first. We bought Ikea units for the alcoves as it will be a long time before we get around to building in what we want and we have to get some stuff unpacked.
This is the view of the back lounge from the conservatory - the room is actually mustard on the bottom and yellowy on the top - I don't like the colours and some of the paper had to come off when the radiators went in. The dado is also about 5 inches too high - we would like to remove it and just have a picture rail so we will hopefully do that quite soon when we can summon up the energy. We have LA 'Percy' natural paper for this room as its a good colour fot the background of the curtains. These were made by Montgomery in their half price sale and are my treat to myself for the move - even these were a bargain and extremely well made. You can see my bargain red leather sofa in the pic - its a pinky ed and goes very well with the chairs recently recovered befroe the move and loved to bits.
Here is the back lounge looking into the conservatory. That isn't carpet you can see but chipboard flooring that our seller had put down and on top of that was glued laminate which had to be ripped up by my son - it was a terrible job to do. This is a rather dark room because of the extension (thats where the £2k roof is!!) but then when the sun shines in the conservatory it is lovely and very warm

Here is my new loo under the stairs