Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Pics in the early morning before the PC slows down

Our seller did leave us some nice fish!!This is the true state of how we are!! These boxes are 6 deep and we think there are still 42 to unpack. We cant get the loft boarded out as planned and a bigger entrance and ladder installed because we think we might convert it after bad news over the side extension. Our seller bless his cotton socks - submitted plans for an ordinary garage extension and when he was doing it decided to dig the foundations properly for an upper storey at a later date. Unfortunately the planning didnt show this - so we understand we would have to have professionals in to dig down to the foundations and then a structural engineer would have to come and verify that the foundations were deep enough. That would take a lt of our money put aside for an extension so we are going to be cheeky and look at some ofthe loft conversions along the road. So theres no point in boarding the loft out and filling it with 'stuff' at the mo. Once again our seller hasnt quite told us the truth about what he had done....................Buyer beware - perhaps part of the HIP thing should be a truth test!! Oops better be off its 7.15am and my hair is drying fast!! Lots to accomplish before leaving for the coalface.


Anonymous said...
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mrsnesbitt said...

Great to keep in touch with the progress.
Now the weather is improving I will have to pop over one afternoon!
Let me know when is best!