Monday, 28 April 2008

More pics - less time

This is my bargain shelf unit - was 49.99 reduced to 19.99 - its a much deeper green than the photo and is distressed with terracotta underneath this is not blood smeared across it which is what it looks in the photo! Now its up we are leaving in that colour - its really nice - have taken a photo of it full of stuff but cant find hubby's card reader at the mo to publish it. It is beautifully made, can't believe the price.
These are my bargain knobs off ebay - £1.99 for the dresser - which is growing on me. Have discovered that the main thing I didnt like about it was the panelling on the base doors - after investigation we find that the panels will come off and can be reversed to plain - that will make such a difference and give me more of the look I want to achieve. The handles will be perfect - the tile is one of 5 we have put above the sink in the new loo they are much deeper blue than the photo and I keep opening the door to admire them!!
These are samples of oilcloths from ebay for the new kitchen table (aren't they gorgeous)I wanted reds and I could not resist the paisley below plus it was £14.99 for 5 metres so I have enough for the outside table in the garden as well. I almost went for the roses on the left which was very pretty but its shiny and I prefer a matt finish. Plus I can't resist a bargain.

I had to leave it long enough for when the table is extended - have just realised I took this before I cut it! so its not as long as it is here. I love it ............ Below are some jumble sale finds

Cream lampshade - loo roll holder - brand new and Hornsea pots which I thought I was going to make my fortune with on ebay but they only go for 99p! then I dropped one - Alan loves the retro look of them so we will keep them.
Lovely books which I will read one day!

Lovely childrens books

Have a day off today - so have cut foam for seat pads for kitchen chairs - to be made in LA Heath Green check- daughter has car! and is still at Ross' as she is also off today - guess she will tootle back home when she has had lie in! so I am wheel less - cant find any of my sewing reels they are still packed - where I do not know, so will have to go and buy some cotton! Thought I would add some jumble sale finds from weeks ago - thought Alan had deleted them from the camera but they were there after all. Daughter is back - I have a car - will go in to town in a mo and as atreat will 'do ' the charities and get some cotton! Gosh that took ages my pics always come in at the top of the blog so I have to sort of work backwards - anyway off now to town before daughter thinks of somewhere else to take my car!!


MarmaladeRose said...

Lovely shelf unit, at a lovely price too. Fi x

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
That is a lovely shelf unit you have there and love the blue of the tiles.....the paisley looks great on the table and look at all your finds!
My pics always do the same and it never used to on blogger.
Love Kristina x

Katherines Dream said...

I can see that you having so much fun here. Great finds. I would love to see more piccies of rooms please.
Can I ask who you got the oil from on EBay? I like the spot and the floral one too.

Rhondi said...

Hi Catherine
I didn't realize it was so long since I visited you! I like your new home, especially the conservatory! I hope you are enjoying it despite all the ongoing problems with the seller and his problem with telling the truth!
Hugs Rhondi

prettyshabby said...

Now thats what you call a bargain! they are really lovely shelves!

funkymonkey said...

I love the shelf unit and I would have chosen the paisley oilcloth too.