Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Second attempt tonight to add pix to a blog!

I have added this pic to show the curtain print its charcoal and I thought it would go well with the pinky reds of the settee and chairs. I have finally worked out that I can add a photo at the top and then write after it! Have spent 50 mins doing just these few so off to bed now its 11.06pm!
This is the fireplace which everyone likes but me! - its very red glossy mahogany varnish and instead I am having my brother's 1930's oak fireplace - high with a mirror - Alan is happy to change it for that one as he loves it too. The fire is gas and the seller left us a little note saying it doesn't work! We are thinking of a real fire instead but the gas one only needs a thermocoupling so I bet it will be a gas one for now - there are just too many other things that we need first. We bought Ikea units for the alcoves as it will be a long time before we get around to building in what we want and we have to get some stuff unpacked.
This is the view of the back lounge from the conservatory - the room is actually mustard on the bottom and yellowy on the top - I don't like the colours and some of the paper had to come off when the radiators went in. The dado is also about 5 inches too high - we would like to remove it and just have a picture rail so we will hopefully do that quite soon when we can summon up the energy. We have LA 'Percy' natural paper for this room as its a good colour fot the background of the curtains. These were made by Montgomery in their half price sale and are my treat to myself for the move - even these were a bargain and extremely well made. You can see my bargain red leather sofa in the pic - its a pinky ed and goes very well with the chairs recently recovered befroe the move and loved to bits.
Here is the back lounge looking into the conservatory. That isn't carpet you can see but chipboard flooring that our seller had put down and on top of that was glued laminate which had to be ripped up by my son - it was a terrible job to do. This is a rather dark room because of the extension (thats where the £2k roof is!!) but then when the sun shines in the conservatory it is lovely and very warm

Here is my new loo under the stairs


Rosie said...

You sound so happy and settled in your new home, even though there is still a lot of work to do. Your sofa is a wonderful colour.

prettyshabby said...

hello, thanks for your lovely message..ooh scary house moving.. maybe I shouldnt have read your older posts!
Your new house looks lovely so far and I think the old fireplace you are going to have sounds great,much more appropriate for a 30s house! I'm looking forward to seeing the progress as you decorate each room..!
Sairer x