Monday, 7 February 2011

Moving on a bit further........

Hi to all you bloggers out there, who's ramblings give me so much pleasure these days.

We have been clearing out Dad's loft for a couple of weekends and even my Mam was amazed at how much stuff Dad had hoarded, including a radio from a Lancaster Bomber!! He was a radio ham and had worked in a radio television repair workshop before and after National Service and then joining ICI Wilton in the 1950's. He never lost his love of old radios and all the relative components and like we have vintage and retro fairs, he visited radio shows. There were boxes and boxes of old radio valves and 24 radios in both the loft and garage. A couple of his radio friends have been through his 'radio shack' aka the little front bedroom and taken away some of his quite expensive receivers and things to sell fro Mam.

The loft was full of memories of our lives and Mam said that a lot of the stuff was put up there 43 years ago when they moved in.

There were boxes of radio magazines, first day covers, newspapers in boxes of important dates in life. The best things were the boxes of old books we found that belonged to Dad and Mam when they were little and then teenagers and she was so pleased to see them, having forgotten about them. We will be sorting them out later and mine can go on the new shelf unit Alan has made me for the little front bedroom where our vintage stuff is accumulating.

There was a flying suit from WW2 as well as two leather jerkins that the despatch riders wore. We are contacting some re-enactors to see if they want them.

Then there was my Nana's stuff which Mam thought had all been sorted but no Dad had secreted it away, so there was all that to sort out.

We did two trips to the charity shop and two trips to the tip in estate cars so you can imagine the amount of stuff. My brother is putting some things on ebay and we have all taken stuff to our homes, as we obviously have Dad's genes...........

Mam is doing very well and we see her as much as we all can as we come to terms with our greatly changed lives. We did a laugh a lot whilst we were sorting mostly because of the stuff Dad had kept. He and Mam are of the war and post war era where you always mended everything and never threw anything away in case you needed it! So some things had to be prised from Mam as you could see her thinking ' Hmm could this be useful? '. We had to assure her that if it had been in her loft for over 20 years then it probably wasn't useful.

I am going to wash up now as out dishwasher (inherited in the house) gave up the ghost at the weekend, we await a new one from Argos on Thursday.

I have been doing Weight Watchers now and have lost (slowly I might add ) 5 pounds to date. I cannot say I ma hungry but I would love a big bar of Dairy milk!!

I am making curtains for the front door from some lovely LA Sitwell fabric in blue and taupe, lovely. The job has been held up though because of my car accident last week!!

Speak to you later...............................