Monday, 21 January 2008



Thanks for all your messages of support - you kept me sane with your encouragement. Need to post a photo and a story about how not to redirect your mail!!


Friday, 18 January 2008

You will NOT believe this tale

We did not exchange contracts today although the deposit arrived eventually. At 3.00pm our buyers buyers solicitor announced they had not had a signed form back from their clients. Although this form does not legally have to be in their hands to enable exchange to take place because of the 'Best Practice' this firm operates they will not allow the exchange. So it will now be Monday which is cutting it VERY fine with the record of these jokers involved in the chain.

Late this afternoon I got an email from Stuart at my agents to let me know the above info (the sols had told Alan) but he also wanted to let me know that the lying estate agent from previous blogs had told the other agent (not mine) that there had never been a deadline set by anyone nor had anyone threatened to pull out and that Stuart was lying about it. I was furious - I rang the agent who had been told and put her right and about the other lie at Xmas and emailed her email I sent to my solicitor showing I was threatening to pull and the date. I then rang the offending agent and said I was sending a fax - I sent a copy of the email by fax and they rang straight away and denied saying it, and then said my sol had told them there were never any problems. I just said I was putting the phone down and to keep a copy of the email. Then my sol rang me in 2 mins and asked if I was pulling out as we had agreed on Monday. I told her I would get Alan to ring her on Monday - I want her to sweat over the weekend. I told Stuart what I had done and he said now he knew how I felt about Rentons lying to me - he was quite hurt at what they had done and I don't blame him for feeling like that

Tonight I got a call from my seller to tell me the form that has held everything up is because our buyers didn't ask permission from Yuill to erect a satellite dish and the new owners are having it - they have had to sign a form from Yuill to say that they can keep the dish up now they have permission. Now was that worth the hold up till Monday. I said I wouldn't be blogging but I have to keep typing what is happening as it helps to write it down and it shows how ludicrous it all is.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

I am back! to update on the nightmare

Its 4.40 - had the day off to change addresses etc but as we dont have a date I have cleaned, packed and bought an Italian red leather sofa on ebay!! Still shaking after that one but I did say months ago - whatever happens, wherever we go this is my chance to get a red leather sofa to grow old on in style!

Anyway Alan got a call today to say would he agree to exchange without the deposit at the front of the chain - he said Yes - but one solicitor wouldnt agree - you see the first time buyers deposit is in the ethos - it hasnt arrived. So no exchange - they are now trying to contact her to see if she did a BACS transfer or a Chaps as one takes three working days (taking us to next Monday at the earliest) and the other is instant - so they are assuming it was the first one. So if we cant exchange till Mon/Tues that doesnt give the money time to come through for the 25th.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Nothing to report apart from a solicitor with no manners

No contact whatsoever from my solicitor, no email, nothing. The agents have been ringing all day with bits of info and cannot believe that the solicitors havent contacted me - remember I gave them a deadline of 9.30am and they simply didnt respond then or later.

The agent discovered that the hold up was the first time buyers solicitor not letting an exchange take place because there was a gas fire fitted in the house she is buying. There isnt a 'pink' certificate with it and the council have no record (under the new laws) of it either. Her agent said but she is removing it so she is happy to go ahead, They tried to phone her to get her to phone her sol and tell him to exchange but she is in school and couldnt be reached - just left a message. At the end of the day she had rung her agent and said she told her sol that info last week so she would ring again - apparently contracts may be exchange tomorrow morning.

I gave my sols all day and at 4.59 they were sent an email telling them if they now wanted to contact me they do so by letter - I will not speak to them again. It was only common courtesy to contact me today even if only say we are doing our best but not to make any contact at all when I gave a 9.30 am deadline is disgusting. I told them I am not in the office tomorrow and left them Alans number - he can deal with them - I have simply had enough.

The agent caught me as I was leaving and I told him what I had said to them and he said Oh well they need verbal confirmation from you in the morning and I said well they ring Alan them - I am not dealing with it anymore. I have simply reached the point where I couldnt care less and I wish my parents had made the offer. I am hurt that I have been so flexible and bent over backwards for everyone. Night night - I dont think I will post for a while now - I am drained and you must all be heartily sick of this but I have needed to share it.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

My idea didn't provoke any activity

My husband phoned at 3.00pm and was told they didnt have a date but they were still trying to contact everyone. I emailed at 4.40pm and had no response still - so I rang at 5.00 when my boss had left. I spoke to my solicitor and she said she couldn't give me a date yet but possibly tomorrow might come up with one. I asked if she had read my email as I had given her an ultimatum of 5.00pm and she hadnt even bothered to contact me. I said what would it take to get them to sit down and phone all parties concerned because the top three of us in the chain have all spoken to each other and know we can do the 25th, so why is it so difficult. She didn't know. I said you have had 8 hours and you obviously don't think I am serious, did you tell the other solicitors that you had a deadline ? She had and she said all I can do is ring in the morning and mention ( yes - mention!!) that you will pull out - I said you have until 9.30am to agree a date and exchange . I also said all I am asking for is a reason or explanation why you can't come up with a date, if there is a reason then lets talk about it - she said she didnt think there was a reason. I was steaming - she didnt even make an effort to enthuse me that she might meet the deadline....................

So I called at my agents at 5.15 - they had no idea that I had given a deadline - they rang our sols senior partner immediately but there was noone there! they then rang the agent who has the first time buyer and next property up and they said they can do the 25th, their solicitors know that and they didn't know of any problems. He rang the other agent ( that lies all the time) and they had gone. So we established sitting there that 5 out of the 6 in the chain were OK! how long did that take - 10minutes. The agents said they would contact the our sols senior partner again and find out what was happening.

We have had a call from our seller tonight to see if we had heard anything. He pointed out that they 7 working days to get the money through for all parties so tomorrow is the deadline really. I told him what I had said to the agents but convinced him I still wanted his bay windows to hug! and it was just to try and get things going.

Naughty me

I have done something naughty this morning and I hope it doesnt backfire on me but this morning I sent my solicitor an email:

I had a message on my home phone last night from Mr N***** of Crosby to tell me that his solicitor had told him everything was geared up for the 25th and contracts would be exchanged on Mon, Tuesday or Wednesday.
So that makes three versions of the chain situation in one day.
a) Some people think it may be 21st
b) someone can't do 25th
c) everything is hunky dory and the 25th is fine

This is now the situation with us:
My parents and my brother and ourselves held a family conference last night instigated by my parents - the reason we are moving is because we are downsizing in order to pay off the mortgage in readiness for my husbands retirement in 3 years time.
My parents and my brother have agreed that if we wish I can have 'early inheritance' from my parents to pay of the mortgage. This would mean we would be able to stay at Mill Hill Close. These funds are available immediately and I am in a position where I simply obtain a redemption figure, pay off the mortgage and withdraw from this sale, as I understand that until contracts are exchanged that I am not legally bound to go ahead.
So - We would like you to inform all parties concerned that if contracts are not exchanged and a date agreed during office hours today (taking into account anyone who may need to leave early because of childcare) then we will withdraw from this sale and purchase, pay our fees and return to normality.
We have no alternative but to make this statement in the circumstances.

end of email

I got an instant response to say that she had been away from the office yesterday and had I spoken to her colleague - I said yes and havent heard anything more. The above email is not true by the way but I thought it might get something to happen. I hope I havent shot myself in the foot. I don't like telling a lie but everyone else in the shebang has!!

Monday, 14 January 2008

Monday - another fruitless day of stories

Today I got a call from our agents to tell me that they had spoken to the agent at the bottom of the chain and they had been expecting the completion date to be 25th but had received a letter this morning asking for the 21st! but she didnt ask who the letter was from!! Nothing all afternoon - I emailed the solicitor t oask if they was any progress but no answer. Bearing in mind all this time I also have a full time job to do!!!! never mind contacting all these people. At 4.55 I telephoned my solicitor and lo and behold they put me through. I said I guessed that the lack of contact means no exchange. No was her reply apparently someone in the chain now can't do the 25th - pause for "I don't believe it". I told her about the 21st being mentioned in a letter -she nothing of that, I also said I had discovered that 18th had been OK after all but the solicitor in question hadnt passed it on - she actually had a sharp intake of breath at that one..........

So she said lets see what tomorrow brings. Got home and there was a message from our seller - he had phoned his solicitor who said Oh yes definately on for the 25th we will exchange Mon, Tues, or maybe Wednesday. So he a) doesnt know the 21st is being bandied about by someone by letter, and b) he doesnt know that one party can't do the 25th.

I couldn't make this up - if it was on tele you would have turned it off and said it was a badly made soap. I rest my case.

PS almost forgot my solicitor asked me to tell HER who exactly was in the chain and when I did she said Oh its not as long as I was led to believe!! Now that is worrying.................

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Thank you for your support

Thank you for your lovely comments - I do know it will happen eventually but Friday's farce was just unimaginable.

Our buyers phoned me Saturday afternoon to say they went in to their agents on Saturday am and the agents deny anyone ever said anything about their house being leasehold to our agents before Xmas - now why would my agent make up something like that? They said that there was yet another hold up on Friday with our buyers buyers which is not what we were told and those people are using a partner of my solicitors - so I would have thought they would have told me that themselves? Anyway who knows - my buyers also said that their agents assure them that contracts will be exchanged on Monday and the completion date will be 25th. So lets see if thats the one bit of truth those agents have managed through this fiasco. I shall post on Monday to let you know if it happened.

I have been to Laura Ashley today at Teeside Park - its a bigger one now as it was just in Homebase before. They have a sale on and luckily it doesn't end until 27th so I have time to bag a bargain. Some of their fabric is 50% off plus another 10%. I would like the Annecy wallpaper in lichen - I dont mind where I use it its just so lovely, but didnt buy it today - will have a look in our branch tomorrow to see if they have more - I think the pattern is ok for covering walls with all our pictures but would appreciate any comments on that thought. I bought my friend one of the sets of boxes (pink & green flowers - gorgeous) for her birthday - we always spend time oohing at them in our local LA.

I also bought the little stripey jug in red and it will be packed last so it gets unpacked first at the other end as I need to see what red accessories look like in the kitchen colours. They had loads off the seat pads in red floral and the green and blue but I just cant decide on which - hopefully I will ne able to pick all these things up on the 27th on the last day of the sale.

We were over that way because we go to the collectors fair but it was very poor - lots of stalls missing especially the lovely local hospice. I did manage to get a lovely little teapot and stand off the £1 stall and an old edition of the water babies but that was all. Right off to watch Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face - np packing or cleaning cupboards this afternoon. x

Friday, 11 January 2008

Dismal day in North Yorkshire

Well it didnt happen yesterday....................

Thursday - had to agree to pay for Chancel Repair insurance on new house and existing house but agreed just to get it sorted. Started exchange on Friday am - all of a sudden my solicitor finds she can send messages by email! - why couldnt they do that before? They received a telephone call from our sellers sol early Fri am and they offered 25th - I said OK - earlier would have been better but hey lets go - my sol replied - so do you want me to push for the 21st (Monday) - I said Yes of course I would? - I thougth we had agreed that earlier in the week? Later came an email sayingall parties can only do 25th cos of our buyers not being able to do 18th. So off we go - never assume that contracts have been exchanged!

3.15pm received email to say that they were unable to exchange contracts as our buyers solicitors had left for the day before exchanging - so do not book your van for the 25th!!!! I was livid and emailed our sol to tell her so -more about the others inefficiency than hers! No reply to that one!

Rang our buyers and left curt message saying - "it was bad enough that we couldn't complete on the 4th, 11th, and 18th because of your solicitor now the 25th may not happen" When I got home she phoned back to say she could move straight away and she was as surprised as us at them not being exchanged. I pointed out that the 18th would have been better for all - she said well we left a message for our sol on Tuesday saying that the 18th was fine now as we had help even tho' hubby was on a course! Its gets better doesn't it - she then said "Oh well our sol has a child to pick up from school thats why she would have left early" - now if I was her solicitor I would have sorted it before I went but heigh ho why be professional?

So our buyers are obviously not bothered. I then said how our Xmas had been ruined because of the news of their property being leasehold and the delay that brought and we had thought that their buyers might pull out 'cos its leasehold. Guess what - it isnt - they had no idea we had been told before xmas or about the hold up on building regs etc on their buyer. So their agent just told a blatent and totally unneccessary lie. Why??

I phoned our seller and told him it hadn't happened and the news that the 18th could have been OK if the info had been shared down the chain - he said "Oh it'll happen in the end".

So here is me bothered about him losing his rental property and trying to get things moving and quite honestly neither our buyer or seller seem grieved by whats happening.

I am so aghast at the whole thing.

Monday, 7 January 2008

I don't believe it!!

Yes folks another up and down day here at 'move of the year HQ'.

Emailed my solicitor to let her know that we had discussions with our sellers and we preferred the 18th Jan. Put my hols in and so did Alan. Then Alan phoned me and our seller had phoned him to say that his solicitor had called and that our buyers have the week 14-18 pencilled out because her husband is on a course!! apparently he found out because our buyers are using another partner and they had liaised. The thing is our seller can't sign up for his rental property until contracts are exchanged. So I rang our solicitor (wasn't that brave of me) and told her the news. She said well we can't exchange anyway because your buyers buyers (they are the ones who held us up over xmas with the building regs approval) haven't had their mortgage certificate yet and until that turns up nothing will happen.

I let our agent know and apparently he had just had the update on the lack of mortgage cert. He said well I would have thought that if 5 out of the 6 in the chain want the 18th then it should happen but I can't see that. The worst thing is that our buyer (the woman) told me that they are having proper removals to come and pack and move them in - so why does she need her husband there - unlike the rest of us who will be humping and dumping ourselves. The thing is it could be the Monday 21st but that means everyone needs holidays and thats why Fridays are good cos everyone gets a couple of days to get settled.

So bloggers - I hit rock bottom again this this space.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Perfect Day

Found a large Emma Bridgewater teapot in the charity today (slight second but who cares) its lovely - what a find - £4.75. Plucked up courage to ring our sellers this afternon and they said come round..............Yippee.............and measure. So we did and my daughter and her fiancee (plumber!!) came as well. Ladies - I loved it even more.

The smallest bedroom is a bit smaller than I remembered ie tiny! but we have a shoehorn to put David in and out on a morning! Kate loved the house and was very impressed by the downstairs. She even liked her bedroom (phew) - we measured all the alcoves doewnstairs - four alcoves, ladies - bliss. There were lots of things different about it that I noticed but they were all for the good. We are buying the dishwasher - never had one so excited about that. The laminate was a lot nicer than I remembered. We may have a problem putting the loo where we wanted it cos there is a manhole cover near to it but that is for Ross (plumber) to sort out. If we can't have one its not the end of the world I will just get fit running up and down stairs every half hour!

Anyway we have agreed with them that the 18th is fine and I came home and booked a van with a man and a man!

WE ARE OFF.........................Tally ho!

PS I cleaned my hob top and oven shelves and added the fabulous Lakeland Oven Cleaner to my hob bits (the bits where the gas comes through) - not realising you are not supposed to put it on aluminium. I have used it before jusy for a few mins and cleaned them off straight away but this time I thought I would be a good housewife and left it on overnight - went to clean them this evening and they had gone black! Poor Alan has been sat for ages sanding the black off them - they look OK now -not perfect but they will do. Motto of the day - read the instructions on the box even if you have used something before!

Friday, 4 January 2008

Today I discovered that my solicitor could ring out from her office!!

Got a call this am at work to say that the information was sorted and when she received the appropriate papers she would contact all parties to see when mortgage monies could be arranged. She said that would be at least five working days and she hasnt had the papers yet. So, ladies it won't be next Friday 11th unless there is a new year miracle! It looks like it will be 18th January - pending no more hiccups. I said you dont have to contact us to ask us what date is OK - just say one and it will be OK with us.

?????????????????????? Could we be off at last??

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Oh my goodness ! Watch this space

Had a call at work this afternoon from our agents to say that the issues were sorted out! - he was so laid back about it all - with 'Oh yeah it was just that the neighbours were a bit over the boundary" - so what about the building regs and the council etc?. Then "the leashold is OK so you can call the solicitors and tell them". Er No 'You' can phone the solicitors for me for once. He called back and said the solicitors will all talk now and COME UP WITH A DATE - yahoooooooo. We are sat with our mouths open here - we cant believe all the angst we shared this Xmas and then just a short couple of laidback calls like 'what were you worrying for'????. Do you know these agents and solicitors should be shot at dawn................

So hopefully it might be next Friday or the Friday after - I shall keep you posted.

PS I have a big grin on my face at the moment - I am now sooooo excited - cant wait to meet my bay windows - I shall hug them...... Good night