Thursday, 17 January 2008

I am back! to update on the nightmare

Its 4.40 - had the day off to change addresses etc but as we dont have a date I have cleaned, packed and bought an Italian red leather sofa on ebay!! Still shaking after that one but I did say months ago - whatever happens, wherever we go this is my chance to get a red leather sofa to grow old on in style!

Anyway Alan got a call today to say would he agree to exchange without the deposit at the front of the chain - he said Yes - but one solicitor wouldnt agree - you see the first time buyers deposit is in the ethos - it hasnt arrived. So no exchange - they are now trying to contact her to see if she did a BACS transfer or a Chaps as one takes three working days (taking us to next Monday at the earliest) and the other is instant - so they are assuming it was the first one. So if we cant exchange till Mon/Tues that doesnt give the money time to come through for the 25th.


Lucy Bloom said...

This will end, you know that don't you!
Lucy x

Rhondi said...

Hi Catherine
Every day you get one day closer to moving. Yeah!! A red leather sofa, how decadent! Can't wait to see it. I'd like to get a red leather chair and footstool for my hubby one day. Rhondi xo

mrsnesbitt said...

Your traumatic time has sorted out my constipation! I now visit the toilet regularly! LOL! Graffic I know, but true.