Thursday, 3 January 2008

Oh my goodness ! Watch this space

Had a call at work this afternoon from our agents to say that the issues were sorted out! - he was so laid back about it all - with 'Oh yeah it was just that the neighbours were a bit over the boundary" - so what about the building regs and the council etc?. Then "the leashold is OK so you can call the solicitors and tell them". Er No 'You' can phone the solicitors for me for once. He called back and said the solicitors will all talk now and COME UP WITH A DATE - yahoooooooo. We are sat with our mouths open here - we cant believe all the angst we shared this Xmas and then just a short couple of laidback calls like 'what were you worrying for'????. Do you know these agents and solicitors should be shot at dawn................

So hopefully it might be next Friday or the Friday after - I shall keep you posted.

PS I have a big grin on my face at the moment - I am now sooooo excited - cant wait to meet my bay windows - I shall hug them...... Good night


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, what a great way to start the New Year for you!! Hugging the bay windows you are soo happy, we can relate to you! We hope 2008 will be the year of your dreams :) Jenn and Jacqui

Garden girl said...

was going to comment but a bit scared now, especially as am an estate agent (shhh!) please don't shoot me, am nice really!I never set out to be one, but have somehow managed to be stuck with it for the last 8 years or pays the bills!Hope your move goes well!(agree with you about solicitors though...heehee)