Saturday, 5 January 2008

Perfect Day

Found a large Emma Bridgewater teapot in the charity today (slight second but who cares) its lovely - what a find - £4.75. Plucked up courage to ring our sellers this afternon and they said come round..............Yippee.............and measure. So we did and my daughter and her fiancee (plumber!!) came as well. Ladies - I loved it even more.

The smallest bedroom is a bit smaller than I remembered ie tiny! but we have a shoehorn to put David in and out on a morning! Kate loved the house and was very impressed by the downstairs. She even liked her bedroom (phew) - we measured all the alcoves doewnstairs - four alcoves, ladies - bliss. There were lots of things different about it that I noticed but they were all for the good. We are buying the dishwasher - never had one so excited about that. The laminate was a lot nicer than I remembered. We may have a problem putting the loo where we wanted it cos there is a manhole cover near to it but that is for Ross (plumber) to sort out. If we can't have one its not the end of the world I will just get fit running up and down stairs every half hour!

Anyway we have agreed with them that the 18th is fine and I came home and booked a van with a man and a man!

WE ARE OFF.........................Tally ho!

PS I cleaned my hob top and oven shelves and added the fabulous Lakeland Oven Cleaner to my hob bits (the bits where the gas comes through) - not realising you are not supposed to put it on aluminium. I have used it before jusy for a few mins and cleaned them off straight away but this time I thought I would be a good housewife and left it on overnight - went to clean them this evening and they had gone black! Poor Alan has been sat for ages sanding the black off them - they look OK now -not perfect but they will do. Motto of the day - read the instructions on the box even if you have used something before!


Rhondi said...

Hi Catherine. I am so glad that you finally have a moving date. You must be thrilled. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliments on my quilts. I just love making them. Always fun to get a new teapot isn't it? One can never hve too many teapots! Rhondi

Curlew Country said...

What great news that you're on the move Catherine! So very pleased for you, its torture this house buying lark isn't it. And an EB teapot bargain too, someone is finally smiling on you at last.
Warm wises for 2008 in your new abode.


Do you know I am just awful at reading instructions too, especially when you have to assemble something! I am better with cleaning products as I am always checking to see if they contain bleach, I have ruined many a good teeshirt with the stuff. I am really jealous of your EB find, her china is so expensive, this is what I call a real bargain, but I am pleased for you, as something nice to display in your new kitchen. x

Rhondi said...

I had never heard of Emma Bridgewater so I looked her up. I LOVE her teapots. You sure did get a good deal! What is the pattern on it?

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Catherine, that is fantastic news, you'll just be counting the days now, how exciting. Yes, just click on the award pic, copy it then paste into Paint (am assuming you have that under Accessories) and save. Then you can upload into Blogger.
Have a good week,
best wishes,

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Catherine
and a very belated Happy New Year..
Just catching up with your news and delighted to see you are on the move and have a date... FAB news.. I can feel your excitement from here!
Rather jealous of your EB teapot... I parted with £40 + for one of her spotty ones some time ago..
What a bargain you found!!
wishing you loads of luck with your move..countdown starts here..

Garden girl said...

How weird, I bought Lakeland oven cleaner yesterday after reading about it in She magazine..think my oven is beyond cleaning though!Get a photo of the teapot on here! I love her stuff too!My lovely husband bought me two of her tins for Christmas, and a chicken mug to add to our expanding collection of her mugs..glad you have a date at last, fingers and toes crossed for you!anna x

mrsnesbitt said...

not too far away and is it a Saturday?
Instructions....I never read till I have broken it then need to trouble shoot! Hubby opposite....will read the instructions for a couple of days before switching anything on! Bless, he has had lots to learn,, new TV, DVD & mobile phone over the hols! Phew!

Rhondi said...

I was looking through an old Home Companion magazine from 2003 this morning and there was an article about Emma Bridgewater and her husband. It featured pictures of their work and their studio. I'd never heard of them until you said you bought a teapot and there they were in my magazine!

Rhondi said...

Hi again Catherine. I don't know your email so this is the only wayI can talk to you! If you want you could go to my profile and email me yours. Anyway a friend just sent me an email saying that the UK had just decided to take the Holocaust out of their school curriculum because the Muslims were offended by it and sat it never happened. I wanted to find out if that is really true? Rhondi