Sunday, 13 January 2008

Thank you for your support

Thank you for your lovely comments - I do know it will happen eventually but Friday's farce was just unimaginable.

Our buyers phoned me Saturday afternoon to say they went in to their agents on Saturday am and the agents deny anyone ever said anything about their house being leasehold to our agents before Xmas - now why would my agent make up something like that? They said that there was yet another hold up on Friday with our buyers buyers which is not what we were told and those people are using a partner of my solicitors - so I would have thought they would have told me that themselves? Anyway who knows - my buyers also said that their agents assure them that contracts will be exchanged on Monday and the completion date will be 25th. So lets see if thats the one bit of truth those agents have managed through this fiasco. I shall post on Monday to let you know if it happened.

I have been to Laura Ashley today at Teeside Park - its a bigger one now as it was just in Homebase before. They have a sale on and luckily it doesn't end until 27th so I have time to bag a bargain. Some of their fabric is 50% off plus another 10%. I would like the Annecy wallpaper in lichen - I dont mind where I use it its just so lovely, but didnt buy it today - will have a look in our branch tomorrow to see if they have more - I think the pattern is ok for covering walls with all our pictures but would appreciate any comments on that thought. I bought my friend one of the sets of boxes (pink & green flowers - gorgeous) for her birthday - we always spend time oohing at them in our local LA.

I also bought the little stripey jug in red and it will be packed last so it gets unpacked first at the other end as I need to see what red accessories look like in the kitchen colours. They had loads off the seat pads in red floral and the green and blue but I just cant decide on which - hopefully I will ne able to pick all these things up on the 27th on the last day of the sale.

We were over that way because we go to the collectors fair but it was very poor - lots of stalls missing especially the lovely local hospice. I did manage to get a lovely little teapot and stand off the £1 stall and an old edition of the water babies but that was all. Right off to watch Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face - np packing or cleaning cupboards this afternoon. x

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I think this is all that you can do in a situation like this, just shop, shop, shop. I think a bit of retail therapy does the trick when you must be feeling pretty damn stressed out. As the song goes, things can only get better. x