Tuesday, 15 January 2008

My idea didn't provoke any activity

My husband phoned at 3.00pm and was told they didnt have a date but they were still trying to contact everyone. I emailed at 4.40pm and had no response still - so I rang at 5.00 when my boss had left. I spoke to my solicitor and she said she couldn't give me a date yet but possibly tomorrow might come up with one. I asked if she had read my email as I had given her an ultimatum of 5.00pm and she hadnt even bothered to contact me. I said what would it take to get them to sit down and phone all parties concerned because the top three of us in the chain have all spoken to each other and know we can do the 25th, so why is it so difficult. She didn't know. I said you have had 8 hours and you obviously don't think I am serious, did you tell the other solicitors that you had a deadline ? She had and she said all I can do is ring in the morning and mention ( yes - mention!!) that you will pull out - I said you have until 9.30am to agree a date and exchange . I also said all I am asking for is a reason or explanation why you can't come up with a date, if there is a reason then lets talk about it - she said she didnt think there was a reason. I was steaming - she didnt even make an effort to enthuse me that she might meet the deadline....................

So I called at my agents at 5.15 - they had no idea that I had given a deadline - they rang our sols senior partner immediately but there was noone there! they then rang the agent who has the first time buyer and next property up and they said they can do the 25th, their solicitors know that and they didn't know of any problems. He rang the other agent ( that lies all the time) and they had gone. So we established sitting there that 5 out of the 6 in the chain were OK! how long did that take - 10minutes. The agents said they would contact the our sols senior partner again and find out what was happening.

We have had a call from our seller tonight to see if we had heard anything. He pointed out that they 7 working days to get the money through for all parties so tomorrow is the deadline really. I told him what I had said to the agents but convinced him I still wanted his bay windows to hug! and it was just to try and get things going.


mrsnesbitt said...

As my mum would have said...."Bloody Hell!"
Hugs, by you need em honeybunch!

OhSoVintage said...

What a farce this all is! Our house is for sale and I almost feel like taking it off the market if this is why I have to look forward to! One day, not far off, you will look back on all this and laugh (from your lovely new home).