Friday, 18 January 2008

You will NOT believe this tale

We did not exchange contracts today although the deposit arrived eventually. At 3.00pm our buyers buyers solicitor announced they had not had a signed form back from their clients. Although this form does not legally have to be in their hands to enable exchange to take place because of the 'Best Practice' this firm operates they will not allow the exchange. So it will now be Monday which is cutting it VERY fine with the record of these jokers involved in the chain.

Late this afternoon I got an email from Stuart at my agents to let me know the above info (the sols had told Alan) but he also wanted to let me know that the lying estate agent from previous blogs had told the other agent (not mine) that there had never been a deadline set by anyone nor had anyone threatened to pull out and that Stuart was lying about it. I was furious - I rang the agent who had been told and put her right and about the other lie at Xmas and emailed her email I sent to my solicitor showing I was threatening to pull and the date. I then rang the offending agent and said I was sending a fax - I sent a copy of the email by fax and they rang straight away and denied saying it, and then said my sol had told them there were never any problems. I just said I was putting the phone down and to keep a copy of the email. Then my sol rang me in 2 mins and asked if I was pulling out as we had agreed on Monday. I told her I would get Alan to ring her on Monday - I want her to sweat over the weekend. I told Stuart what I had done and he said now he knew how I felt about Rentons lying to me - he was quite hurt at what they had done and I don't blame him for feeling like that

Tonight I got a call from my seller to tell me the form that has held everything up is because our buyers didn't ask permission from Yuill to erect a satellite dish and the new owners are having it - they have had to sign a form from Yuill to say that they can keep the dish up now they have permission. Now was that worth the hold up till Monday. I said I wouldn't be blogging but I have to keep typing what is happening as it helps to write it down and it shows how ludicrous it all is.


Beeswax, said...

Catherine dear Catherine, wish I could make you a nice cuppa and put your feet up for a while, just staring in to a lovely garden with the birds singing and a lovely casserole on the stove....honestly I have never seen or heard so much soryy for this...but b....cks from solicitors, your life has been hell latley, DON'T YOU DARE PULL OUT NOW!!!....just let them sweat the weekend then get on and get those keys in your hand, it will be great soon, you must know that, surely it has to be better that what has been of late..
Please keep in touch an d if you need to email me just to let of some steam then please do so, but most of all DO NOT lose your spirit over this, you will be feeding the birds soon in your new garden with a cuppa and loads of friends for you to share all the good things in your new home,can't wait to hear all about it,just you keep pouring it all into your blog and get it out of your system, best way to do it...
lots of love and hugs, Kath xx

OhSoVintage said...

Being advised not to read the latest developments intrigued me too much! Words fail me! Don't get downhearted, let off steam on your blog, have another glass of wine and, as I said before, one day you will laugh about all this in your new house. Looking forward to reading the blog saying 'We are in our new home!'

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Catherine,
My Son's move is over!
His buyer pulled out.
With only three in the chain it should have been so easy.
You wonder if Sol's ever actually want things to go smoothly....some are so greedy that it probably means more money for them if it goes wrong a few time. I am cynical.
Hw has decded to rent his flat out. Move and rent himself as he really needs 2 bedrooms now - at the moment they are sharing their bedroom with the two babies in their cots! not the best situation.
We are all ged up........I feel sick, Nothings seems to work smoothly anymore. Far too much red tape.
I do feel for you, I know how fed up you feeling. But what can you do? you just have to pick yourself up and get on with it.
I wish you more luck as next week may bring good news.

Beeswax, said...

Hi again Catherine, firstly the Narnia was the movie one, Chronicles of Narnia..what an escape, try and hire it out and watch in between steam cleaning, taping up boxes, and charity shop runs with the kids clothes and old toys, ..are you like me?my girls have accumulated so much STUFF over the years,and it's not of the sentimental type either, at he moment my lovely handbuilt studio my hubby built for me in the garden,is full of thier STUFF..and I still ask them when oh when will you be taking it all away to your own homes?? "Soon Mum, soon" is always the reply, I have threatned to take it all to charity, but to behonest I think that would save them a job, so it sits in the middle of my studio, and I paint in the dining room,,,it's driving me nuts!!!
Where was I Catherine?, sorry I digressed a big bit there!!!
Oh yes, the movie, try it if you can fit it in somewhere, it is magical, reduces the blood pressure...
Secondly..this is fast becoming a post of my own at your expence!,,
Don't you even begin to think you are putting your blog friends off, it is not the case at all,(I know I can speak for everyone on this)
nobody is fed up with any of your posts at all, in fact the opposite, it's more like us feeling that we can't help you with it stop even thinking that way, you do not need the added pressure of that, be kind to yourself, it's only for a little longer now, and then you will have all the lovely posts on your new home, and life!!!
Can't wait, but remember you are only getting a couple of weeks to settle in, then you must be back blogging with all your news, and photos...
sorry Catherine if I have blabbed on a big bit here, but it was so important to tell you you are not putting anyone off! please be reassured by that....
Now, go and steam clean your little heart out, and after wards go find the highest hill in your area, take in the view, and them give out a big..SCREAM (:0)
it works wonders, honest!
Loads of love and hugs to you,
kath x:)

Cowboys & Custard said...

You are oh so close Catherine... just hang in there.
It does make you wonder how these Solicitors can sleep at night...
So incompetent and so unprofessional!!!

I have to say ... your sorry saga has to be the most tense thriller I have read in a long time!



Anonymous said...

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Alchamillamolly said...

Thank you all so much - I cleaned and bleached but the steamer is out Sunday. Its now 3am and I couldnt go back to sleep after letting puss out at 2pm. Have just reserved David (my 20 year old son) a new single duvet. His new single bed will be assembled today and his double will be packed up for now - in anticipation of us seeing how much it wll be to extend over the garage!! See not in yet and planning - so much for downsizing! Night night

Beeswax, said...

night night to you too Catherine, I think I would rather watch mypaint dry than steam clean the bathroom!!!!
now get to bed , you know your son will be in soon, they always do...
you are a very good mum Catherine, night
Kath x

Rosie said...

oh dear, oh dear, Catherine, what can I say - I've just been reading your last few posts; what is happening is just awful for you I can't believe the incompetence of your solicitor- it will all soon be over and you will get to your new home. We had a viewing on Monday - they liked the house but were a bit unsure about coping with the large garden. Oh well :)

Rhondi said...

Hi Catherine. No wonder you can't sleep! That is a lot of stress. Moving is stressful even under the best of circumstances, but this is ridiculous. Please feel free to rant and rave all you want. I have found that when I actually verbalize the problem it usually helps. It somehow seems to take on less power over me than when it is just going around and around in my head. You should go and treat yourself to a massage or something.
In answer to your question, a consignment shop is where you can take your items to sell. Usually the shop gets one third and you get two thirds of the price. People will take things to a consignment shop rather than just giving them to charity. Sometimes the shop raises money for a charity, such as a hospital, but often they are just a private business. Where we lived before I used to go to yard sales on Saturday and then if I found some good bargains but I had no use for them I would take them to sell at the consignment shop. I volunteered in one for a while, helping to price the items. It was a lot of fun.
So Catherine don't lose hope. You're almost at the finish line! Rhondi xo

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Catherine,
I hope tht you are going to enjoy for Sunday and think too much about the move.
I am sure it will all be over by this time next week.....please God.
I am off to cook Sunday lunch as usual............

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Catherine, just caught up with the latest developments, I think you are so close now, just sad that you are dealing with what a appear to be a bunch of rude incompetents. Hope you have managed to relax a bit over the weekend.
best wishes and fingers crossed for you,
Lucy x

Anonymous said...

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