Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Naughty me

I have done something naughty this morning and I hope it doesnt backfire on me but this morning I sent my solicitor an email:

I had a message on my home phone last night from Mr N***** of Crosby to tell me that his solicitor had told him everything was geared up for the 25th and contracts would be exchanged on Mon, Tuesday or Wednesday.
So that makes three versions of the chain situation in one day.
a) Some people think it may be 21st
b) someone can't do 25th
c) everything is hunky dory and the 25th is fine

This is now the situation with us:
My parents and my brother and ourselves held a family conference last night instigated by my parents - the reason we are moving is because we are downsizing in order to pay off the mortgage in readiness for my husbands retirement in 3 years time.
My parents and my brother have agreed that if we wish I can have 'early inheritance' from my parents to pay of the mortgage. This would mean we would be able to stay at Mill Hill Close. These funds are available immediately and I am in a position where I simply obtain a redemption figure, pay off the mortgage and withdraw from this sale, as I understand that until contracts are exchanged that I am not legally bound to go ahead.
So - We would like you to inform all parties concerned that if contracts are not exchanged and a date agreed during office hours today (taking into account anyone who may need to leave early because of childcare) then we will withdraw from this sale and purchase, pay our fees and return to normality.
We have no alternative but to make this statement in the circumstances.

end of email

I got an instant response to say that she had been away from the office yesterday and had I spoken to her colleague - I said yes and havent heard anything more. The above email is not true by the way but I thought it might get something to happen. I hope I havent shot myself in the foot. I don't like telling a lie but everyone else in the shebang has!!

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Rhondi said...

Sometimes ultimatums are the best way to get things done. Hope it works!