Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Nothing to report apart from a solicitor with no manners

No contact whatsoever from my solicitor, no email, nothing. The agents have been ringing all day with bits of info and cannot believe that the solicitors havent contacted me - remember I gave them a deadline of 9.30am and they simply didnt respond then or later.

The agent discovered that the hold up was the first time buyers solicitor not letting an exchange take place because there was a gas fire fitted in the house she is buying. There isnt a 'pink' certificate with it and the council have no record (under the new laws) of it either. Her agent said but she is removing it so she is happy to go ahead, They tried to phone her to get her to phone her sol and tell him to exchange but she is in school and couldnt be reached - just left a message. At the end of the day she had rung her agent and said she told her sol that info last week so she would ring again - apparently contracts may be exchange tomorrow morning.

I gave my sols all day and at 4.59 they were sent an email telling them if they now wanted to contact me they do so by letter - I will not speak to them again. It was only common courtesy to contact me today even if only say we are doing our best but not to make any contact at all when I gave a 9.30 am deadline is disgusting. I told them I am not in the office tomorrow and left them Alans number - he can deal with them - I have simply had enough.

The agent caught me as I was leaving and I told him what I had said to them and he said Oh well they need verbal confirmation from you in the morning and I said well they ring Alan them - I am not dealing with it anymore. I have simply reached the point where I couldnt care less and I wish my parents had made the offer. I am hurt that I have been so flexible and bent over backwards for everyone. Night night - I dont think I will post for a while now - I am drained and you must all be heartily sick of this but I have needed to share it.

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