Sunday, 30 March 2008

At last - published photos!!!!

WELCOME - this is my front door we have just put up the Ikea hall rack on the right hand side and alan has cut off 4 inches from the depth of the radiator cover as it covered a storage heater before. He also added two top vents as he thinks we will lose a lot of heat using it! We want to paint the banisters cream and stain the handrail mahogany and the walls are yellow at the moment which I hate - so thats the next paint job maybe next weekend - just need to decide on the colour - which means sleepless nights ahead as I try and make a decision.........................There was laminate flooring in the hall but it was glued so it had to come up for the radiators. We will try and paint the paintwork over the course of the week at night so as to be ready for the walls on Saturday - will mention this to Alan tonight as he just drops off to sleep and by morning he might think it was his idea???

This is my new loo under the stairs it smells of lovely new paint. The other pic is my lovely old mirror that I have saved for a long time for the right place for it to hang - its perfect. We have five little blue tiles above the sink which were fitted whilst I was at Homebase as a surprise - except I spoilt it by phoning Alan from there to see if he wanted mt to get tile trim and he said it was too late to buy any as he had just that minute fixed them on the wall! PS THE PICTURE OF THE LOO HAS DISAPPEARED AND AS I AM LOSING MY HAIR THRO' THE MENOPAUSE! I CAN'T AFFORD TO TEAR IT OUT IN RAGE - SO BE ASSURED MY LOO IS LOVELY!!
My vintage mirror
This is the corner on the left of the kitchen where I hope to put my bargain painted dresser when I get one! and fill it with my vintage stuff - however at the moment I have put in place the old dresser bottom I painted in Bone some time ago - it was in the garden room in the last house. There is a lovely velux window above this which makes it a sunny corner

Well here goes - I have busy today taking photos in the lovely sunshine on our last day off work. W have had a lovely long break since Good Friday. I am so happy at home I was never cut out to be at work but I do find the salary comes in handy especially in this house!
I have taken pics warts and all.............remember the flooring all came up for the central heating to go in apart a lone bit of carpet on the landing. So please excuse the mess you can pick out in the background - that applies to all rooms!!.
We brought a rug from my Mam's to put down in our room to give us a bit of comfort as that will probably be the last room to be done. I bought a lovely bedspread and thought that although it was so beautiful I couldny use it with my Arundel curtains, so it stayed in its bag unopened. On Sat am it was sooo sunny in the room I thought I would try it - its so lovely I have left it on - see what you think. I will put on the photos bit by bit at least they will serve as 'before' photos for when I finally do the 'afters' .
We have been painting today so excuse mess in corner of kitchen as well. The table legs and base and 'cooking apple green' and the chairs are buttermilk. I already had two smaller versions of the chairs and the windsor is an old treasure - I may just paint the other chair but can' t see Alan letting me paint the Windsor . The other pic is of the kitchen as you come in from the hall. I am painting a little shelf unit for the new downstairs loo as you can see. We have just painted it (the walls) this week in Ringwod Ground for you F&B afficionados! Ihave intentions of painting the cupboards a taupe/maybe sahde and adding dull metal handles in the future - haven't approached this idea with Alan he is on overload with my ideas for this place! The tumble drier you can see is to be saved for my son as I have one my Dad got me - its a condensing one so it is in the utility. We are going to try and get a unit to match the others to fill the space but in the meantime it can stay there.
I cannot for the life of me get these pictures to go where I want so the blog is a bit disjointed.

Right I am off for an early night - we keep saying its going to be hard getting up for worl on Monday after a week off but I have been up at 6am on my hols just because I wanted to spend precious time at home here. Night night .


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Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Catherine, go to your blog editing page onto the Edit Posts tab, click on where it tells you how many comments you have (against each post) and it will show them at the bottom of your post. Under each comment next to the date and time there is a tiny grey dustbin - click on that and it should delete the comment. There are some really nasty people about, aren't there. Love the piccies of your house, slowly you will get there and it sounds like you are loving it, how wonderful!
best wishes,
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It's nice to see and hear of all your plans for the house. I somehow think you like living there! I think you will have to go to work though, to pay for all the extras on your shopping list! x

MarmaladeRose said...

Hi Catherine, so good to see you're in your new house. I'm looking forward to seeing it evolve into a lovely home. We moved last September.(shudder!)so your pictures bring back some memories. Keep brandishing that paint brush! Fi x