Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My gorgeous grandson

Long time no post!

Where does time go? My wonderful grandson is now 1 year old and on Monday he took his first steps. He is pure joy with a lovely personality and a pleasure to be with. Its lovely watching him play and work out how things happen with his toys and then when he comes again to see us he goes straight to the toy and remembers what it does.

The picture was taken in July and I love it so much. The party pictures are so typical of his smile and laughter.
He has brought so much happiness to the whole family with his smiles and laughter.


Josie said...

I came here for needlepointing, but how cute is he! x

Sal said...

Hello Catherine!!
It was really lovely to hear from you via my blog!! I'm a pretty bad blogger I just keep it ticking over really.
Nich is much much better at it!! I've just found some spare minutes to read your news etc.
Will keep in touch!
Thank you again! Sal xxx ;-)