Saturday, 13 October 2007

Hi Bloggers this has not been a good day for those of us with hot flushes. I spent ages doing my thinning hair this morning and by the time I had had two severe flushes prior to going out, my hair was as flat as a table top - not very flattering when you dont have much on top!!

So apart from the heat - I am a bit peeved today - we took a huge quantity of top quality stuff to Oxfam today - it took two of us two visits to carry it all to the shop. The woman on the counter scowled as we struggled past her and Alan knocked on the door at the end of the shop once we had put it all there and said "Hi just didnt want you to come out and fall over this lot" - she peered at it all and said 'Well I hope there's not electrical items in there". Alan said 'No we know you don't accept them' and she shut the door. No thanks - no nothing! If it hadnt been so damned heavy I would have picked it all up and taken to another one - I don't expect then to fawn all over us but I was taught to say Thank You. This was a middle aged lady who should known better. I am cross! I am going to get my son to add the play list and a blog counter as well. Still no photos taken today - didnt get in the loft but did the big cupboard in my old workroom - called 'the study' by the estate agent!

I keep looking out for the new re issue of the Victoria magazine - did you all know it being reissued?? Has anyone seen it a shop shelf yet? I have about 60 copies of mine and they have no pages missing - which any mag I get my hands on usually does after the third reading. I squirrel away all my coveted houses, rooms, things, ideas..........I have spent the late afternoon and evening sorting out my old workroom cupboard and found the details I have kept from magazines on the house I would have if I won the lottery - its not big- its not posh, it's just simply lovely.

The houses are by Border Oak - and the daughter of the owner of the company has a build diary on the website. Her house has featured in many magazines and I just love the simplicity of it. Her kitchen is so wonderful ( it would look better with my stuff in it! ) if you look on you will end up salivating over the gallery pictures of kitchens they have completed. Right, it is now 11.20pm - time for my bed - its too late to start my Robin Pilcher book - bargain £2.25 dont think its even been opened. Tomorrow I hope to be baking some cakes - I am inspired by all these cupcakes I keep seeing. Night night


Carol Cabbagerose said...

Hi Cathrine,
Funny thing I was sorting my 'study' today.....yep another smilar sooky thing.
Hot flushes..........yep get them too......gruppy shop staff......yep them as well....
I have had the worst headache, the headache from HELL it is too....3 days worth. I gave up in the end trying to be the hero and went to bed. That was a treat for me. So no posts today.
Carol x

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, oh those hot flushes sound awful :( Hope they go away!! Isn't the baby blanket the most adorable, it was made by a very talented lady. We will put some photos of it on our Flickr, there's a link on our Blog to the Flickr photo sharing. Now we are still waiting for those 7 interesting things about you, and you thought we'd forget!!!? Have a great week! Jenn and Jacqui xo

Carol Cabbagerose said...

Hi Catherine,
In answer to why my blog is Carol and blog search Katherine.....I set this up without knowing anything at all about blogs!
As I have said I fumbled my way through...The story is.......
When I was a little girl my favorite book called Katherine Dreams...hence the user name for my blog. I spotted via Louise Loves a blog which had a picture from this book Katherine Dreams....when I saw it I was so suprised and had to find out more about this blog thing.....So I started my own, I have to find this book I know it is in a box somewhere, I really loved this little book so much I called my first born daughter 'Katherine' after the girl in the story.
I think I have made a few mistakes setting up my blog, but hey, does it matter ? I am not sure yet, I will probably find out soon enough.
Somebody asked why I am called Carol's Kitchen...that is because it is where all the chatting happens in my house and it was accepted where other names I chose were not.
I am learning though.
Another thing I have been thinking about is should I add a 'please do not use my words or images without my permission' thing ? ? ?
What do you think?
Carol x

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, you make us laugh!! Yes, I found the hearts on ebay, about two years ago, the young lady lived ion rural France I recall, she did a great job, shame she is not doing it anymore! Have a lovely Sunday!

mrsnesbitt said...


Just off to bed, but will catch up in the morning!


Carol Cabbagerose said...

Hi Catherine,
To get the playlist, click on someones list...takes you to the website..set up your own list...then get the code by highlighting and copy. Go to your dashboard - page layout - new list - hmtl bit - open it and paste the codes. Save.
It should appear on your right hand side with lists.
Does that make sense ! ? !
Carol x

Alchamillamolly said...

Carol - did that but I couldnt get it to paste!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi Catherine!! Hope your week started off well,enjoy the rest of it!x

Carol Cabbagerose said...

Hi Catherine,
We should un-wrap everything possible and leave it in the supermarket trolly before we leave the car park !
Carol x

Curlew Country said...

What a small world! Hope you're feeling a bit cooler today, it really was muggy on Saturday which can't have helped. We'd love to live near Richmond but now we've got the boys and we're so close to our little family it would be cruel to move them away from their lovely grandparents. I reckon a romantic weekend away up there for Woody and I is on the cards soon though. How rude of that woman in Oxfam, there's a real brigade of charity shop serjeant majors aren't there, and this is a phrase I heard some charity shop volunteers using themsleves!

Rosie said...

The very same thing happened to us earlier this year at our local Shelter shop - I'd arranged the day before to take a few boxes of books in but when we arrived with them the person on duty was really not bothered whether we left them or not and saw us as a great inconvenience to her - not a bit grateful.

We took a box of other stuff to the RSPCA shop and once again there was the 'oh, well, you can leave the boxes but I could really do without it as I have health and safety coming'

It does make you wonder if they really want donations or not doesn't it?

LADY LUXIE said...

Hello there. I just happened to breeze by and would like to say that I enjoyed browsing through your articles. We also have VICTORIA over here..but is waaay too expensive..sigh..

I hope you are feeling better :>

Anonymous said...

Hot flashes! me too :)!

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Catherine, I have a little suprise for you....pop over and see me soon......
Carol x

Lois Billingham Currie said...

Oh my, I was struck by the similarity of your post to Rosies post today regarding her Dentist office, in regards to the lack of politeness, and customer service these days. Very worrying when people dispense with basic good manners.
Take care.