Sunday, 7 October 2007

I cannot get the text to go next to the pics so here goes again...

This is my nautical corner - the lady is from a Cosmopolitan magazine the the 1920's I think. I bought her already framed - she is so lovely. The little pix are of beaches and were a wedding present. The little boat was bought from a market in Pont Aven - the man made them himself
This lovely set was £3.95 which wasn't a bargain !! when you consider the price of the aqua pieces

Hope this text stays here when I publish the blog - this is the left corner of the sitting room with bakelite items and Alan's collection of military Dinky's - he has collected them all again 'cos him Mum threw his own out when he was a teenager - he was bereft............... The picture which has been spoilt by the light is Grace Kelly, the lady to the right of Grace is June Allyson and then Doris Day and a Busby Berkeley dance picture

Right here goes again with adding the pics to this blog - this is the left side of my fireplace - the framed picture is taken from a Studio magazine and is by May Morris (William's daughter I believe) and I collect the silver topped bottles. How do I get these pictures to go under my writing???? HELP - I think this has goes


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine....we've tagged you! Come join the fun :)

mrsnesbitt said...

You'll get there chuck!


Love the pics, reminded me of some we had when I was younger.