Monday, 1 October 2007

First digi pics attempt and naughty purchase!

Hi to all - I Took lots of pics last night on my own for the first time - fairly pleased with results but daylight might be better as the flash spoils some of them but if I delete them and try again it won't get done! On Saturday I was very naughty and because I had paid my car off last month I went to town late in the afternoon to buy a book as a treat to me! I was extremely bad and have never ever spent so much on a book and its doubtful if I ever will again - I am not checking the price on Amazon and seeing its nowt with free P&P!! I will never repeat the sheer pleasure of handing over the note and walking out of the bookshop with this volume again.

In the last blog I said I would photograph my daughters lovely wardrobes but I forgot. I am also adding the pix of my sons and his fiancee's kittens that we had the eternal pleasure of looking after a few weeks ago - thought you might like to see them - the tabby is Alfie and the white one is Phoebe they are rescue brother and sister. Here goes to my loading attempt..........Whoops pics are on first!! Sorry
I shall post again to put some more pictures on whilst I am on a roll......

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