Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Nana's Picture & redemption of the charity shops

It has occurred to me that the picture in the previous blog looks lke it was painted - it is in fact embroidered in wools and silks - it is almost 3D to look at and very lovely. I finished work early today ( I can do flexi) and I went to 3 charity shops and scored !! I shall take some photos tomorrow as I must tidy up now. My buyers lost their buyer yesterday but have resold today and there is no chain - so now I am panicking because the people we are buying off havent found anywhere still and now the chain is shorter -----aaaaaargh.............


Curlew Country said...

Isn't that embroidered picture lovely. Glad you did well in the charity shops, I got a a result myself today in our local town rather than in the city. Must post pics tomorrow (nice glass things).
All the best for your move, ours seems to be ok but still no firm moving date, no-one but us seems to be in a hurry!
P.S. Nope, I never know where to leave messages either! If you've requested on your blog set up for messages to be emailed you get them all in the order they are posted so it doesn't make much difference to the blog-owner where you post. Does that make any sense?! I appreciate any messages on any posts, still amazed people are interested to read my ramblings!

Rosie said...

great photos of all your favourite things, my husband has a camera collection too, although he has sold quite a few now. I do hope your house sale and move go well. We have had three viewings so far all from people trying to find buyers for their houses - it is a very trying time for everyone. Love the two puss-cats.

Leanne said...

Hello! my first visit here, welcome to blogging! I love bootfairs and charity sdhops too, nothing like finding some treasure is there! Good luck with the move, I downsized last year, and its soo hard. I am moving again now (long story,) only a year later, and not relishing it at all, but at least the downsizing bit is done!


julia said...

Hi, thanks for visiting.

Weirdly enough we were talking about the mars bar game yesterday and how just as we'd got the clothes on someone would roll a six and we couldn't eat any mars bar!

Great blog, I'll be visiting soon!

Julia x

Curlew Country said...

Oh moving is such a nightmare isn't it. Hope the bungalow viewing goes well. Your job sounds interesting promoting local food - I'd love to know more. I work for the Campaign to Protect Rural England's Peak District & South Yorkshire branch and we've very behind local produce and reducing food miles. We produced our own South Yorkshire food directory a couple of years ago which is doing quite well. Our event tonight is for the other side of our work as the national park society Friends of the Peak Distrct and is a new venture for us as a member event rather than just walks and talks. Our websites are www.friendsofthepeak.org.uk or www.cpresouthyorks.org.uk if you're interested!

julia said...

The embroidered picture is just lovely. Cath Kidston opened a shop nearby recently and has very similar pictures for sale at £280 a piece!

Can't wait to see your charity shop finds!

Have a lovely weekend
Julia x

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, charity shopping is one of our fave things to do, we are looking forward to seeing your photos! Moving can be such a challenge! Hope everything's working out well for you!