Monday, 22 October 2007

Pics Galore!........................

Time for tea - will post some later in the meantime this is how my husband cleverly incorporated the meter cupboard into the dado and decor! We couldnt work out how to put the dado up the stairs when we did it and then we were watching Groundhog Day and there was the answer so we bunged a tape and waited for it to show again. Theproblem was actually on the opposite side to the cupboard but I havent taken it as it is boring!!
My landing is difficult to explain - we put stairs into a bungalow so the window that was normal in the bedroom downstairs is on the floor of the landing! so I decided to treat the wall as full length it does actuall work well when you see it!!

Lamp on the landing

Car boot bargain - lovely house tapestry

A very old sampler of mine - I love the words they are so true
Chintzy bits on my bedroom windowsill
Botanical pics for Carol to see!! -Laura Ashley calendar pics - used later as paper/fabric by LA
Barbola mirrors aforementioned bargains in another post earlier
Here goes with pics taken today


Katherines Dream said...

Tell Alan I think his cupboard is brilliant !
I have some Botanical Curtains from Fired Earth and noticed that your curtains on the stairs are very very similar, what are they called ?
I want to go to a boot sale, but have trouble getting out early on a Sunday !
Lovely mirrors, I love pretty mirrors too.
x x


Thanks for taking time to visit, it is always great to receive a new comment, great memories of your dolls too. My home is full of knick knacks as is yours, although I don't have any samplers even though I love them, but I do have a barbola mirror which is one of my favourite possessions. I shall look into your blog again soon. x