Sunday, 7 October 2007

Acers high!! some garden pics

Apparently according to Alan I shouldnt have had the flash on and thats why its too light but as its almost 4pm and I havent even opened the cupboards yet I must press on

This is the arch that goes around to the raised garden at the back and behind the adirondack chair are the steps up to the raised area . To the right is the side window where I took the pix of the garage from
We have a vine in the garden which was covered in black grapes this year so I thought I would take photo of them for you - these are the only ones left I guess I was first after the birds!

This the view from one of the side windows explained below - we had a huge pyracantha along the side of the garage till last year and we couldnt believe how much lighter the garden was when we took it down. The wall underneath was so clean and new looking. We then added some flower beds and they are just establishing themselves now - these pictures are not good at all.

Apologies for the glare from the glass but its raining out there and I have dried my hair!! There is loads of colour out there but its not captured here today - sorry

Its difficult to describe how my garden is positioned - our lounge is at the back and the back garden itself isnt very deep but is raised and the window in the lounge is low so - when you are sitting there you look out and it very close. It gives a good description of a 'picture window'. Anyone coming into the lounge is always wowed by the greenery before them. Its hard to see in a picture but the wall at the front of the raised area was covered by us with ivy two years ago and it looks lovely now its grown. There is a wide path in front of the window where we have a bench and Alan's plant nursery is under the window - there is a french door as well so you can really bring the garden indoors in the summer. There is then a garden to the side again not very deep and there are two more small windows either side of the fireplace that look onto that. All this makes the room very light and green. Alan grew the red acers from the same size as the ones in the pots and finally planted them last year - they are really sturdy specimens now - he is heartbroken to leave them. We have steps leading up to the raised area and we have added trellis to try and make garden rooms as the tele says! The first red acer is in front of the second with a gap of about 7 feet but its hard to see - they just look like one here


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Wow-what a gorgeous garden-I love the view from the picture window! It's so pretty, you will be sad to leave it but you can recreate something equally lovely in the new house!

Suzie Sews said...

beautiful garden, you have really captured the colours of this time of year..Oh and the rain!!!
Suzie Sews

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, well done to you on changing your blog, takes a bit of getting used to :) Love the photos of your garden, including the rain!

Carol Cabbagerose said...

Hi, how great this is!
I have found someone who like me is new to Blogg and also loves the same things I do.
Looking at your pictures you have collections (the bottles) like me too. I have repainted my whole house in F&B - the only colours that I will now use, I have converted my husband too who was the biggest fan of Dulux.
I have images to upload and but I am still struggling with how it all works!
I found you via Sophie Honeysuckle, I would love to have music on my Blogg like Sophie but have not worked how to do that yet either!
We downsized home 3 years ago, the acers that I had planted in big pots in the last house have now had their roots put down firmly in the ground, I said that my roots were down with this 5th move and no more moves were going to happen!
Nice to find you.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi Catherine! How great that you and Carol have so much in common!! Her blog is lovely already-I'm coveting her lovely oven!!

Carol Cabbagerose said...

Just a quickie before I go to bed..
Clever girl listng your Fav Bloggs, I have done one too although I have messed up the link thing somehow, but I will sort that out tomorrow.
Also, I would normally line my curtains but this material is so nice left un-lined, the light filters through perfectly - I only want them to block out some of the afternoon sun. Cannot wait to see more photos on your blogg.
Night night.

Carol Cabbagerose said...

Hi Again !
I have just looked at the Victoria magazine that you mentioned.
It looks like a nice read.
Are you subscribing to it?

julia said...

Gorgeous garden! I love all the greenery and the Acers are just.....ace!
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. the rabbit and mouse were gifts to Kit when she was born and have pride of place on her dressing table.
Try not to get too stressed about the house move, we had a difficult situation in two of our house moves but all turned out well in the end. My nan always says "what's for you won't go by you" and it's worked out un until now!
Julia x

mrsnesbitt said...

Hey half term soon, fancy a cuppa at Betty's Tearoom?


Carol Cabbagerose said...

Hi Catherine,
Hope that the nice hot bath did the trick !
Can't wait to see the material stash.....I am trying to remember how I added the play list, I tend to just fumble my way along with computers, press this then that and somehow amazingly......I get there. I think you have to cut and paste some URL somewhere, I will check it out tomorrow and let you know.
A good nights rest is in order for you...
Carol X

Libbys Blog said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I love your acers! I live right ot in the country so have nor problems with ahving hens! If your not sure it is worth checking with the council though! If you let them free range 'beware' they will wreck your garden totally! Mine do not free range any more and I feel bad, but hey I only have a small garden!!!