Monday, 22 October 2007

The last of the pics!!

Having problems with uploading pics so I am going now - hope you enjoy these so far - will put the rest on later in the week.

These samplers were done for us in 1991 when we married by my Mam and my friend Wendy

Hearts for the Bower Birds in Australia

Decided to carry on whilst Alan washes up!

My lovely glass handle on the shower room door and for Carol a tassle!!


Mary said...

Love your pics! I'm having trouble uploading at the moment...

Thanks for noticing my photo -- I just recently got up enough nerve to put it there...

Good luck with your house! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you..

Peg said...

Hope everything goes ok with your house purchase, it's been lovely 'nosing' my way through your home. We woman are notorious aren't we for wanting to 'see' others homes, I love it for getting ideas for my own.
A little heads up about electrical goods,they're not able to accept electricals because of safety reasons...but...if you have a Samaritans shop nearby they happily accept working electrical goods, they have their own electricain who checks and approves items. :o)

Anonymous said...

HI, thanks for stopping by! The 50's book is Liz's book. Her friend sent it to her from California so I am not sure where she actually bought it. The 40's book is mine, it is an original catalogue so wouldn't be available commercially but I know you can get them ocassionally through but they would be very expensive to send as they are huge! Have a lok at , they are sure to have something. I will stop by again now that I have found you. bye for now...

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, the printers tray - adore it, the great things one can find in a skip! You are right, the hearts ARE exactly the same!! Amazing that we, so far apart geographically, should have the same ones in a world that is filled with these hearts in a multitude of fabrics! Amazing!! We dream of a garden room like yours! Bliss! Great post, very enjoyable! Have a lovely week Catherine! Jenn and Jacqui

Katherines Dream said...

Ah Ha, I am back.
I have been away for three days and returned to find 68 emails to read !!!
Love the lovely and lucky to have something so special from Mam to treasure.
I love the Hearts, very much, I have similar ones as you know.
I am made to feel very guilty for blogging so much ! but isn't it so much better that washing up !

Katherines Dream said...

Good morning,
Are your Hearts from The Barn Owl ?
I worked in a hospital until recently, I gave up to devote more time to my own business and grandchildren.
The ward clerks did get a lot of pressure as did all of us, cutting down on staff to a dangerous minimum put everyone in a bit of a bad mood....even more so as visiting times are almost all day and visitors are continually buzzing to come in, meaning we have to keep leave our patients to answer the bloody door !!!that drove us all insane. Those are the bad bits !!o'h and slinging visitors off our clean beds which were waiting for the new patient....cheek of it, with all the worry of infections I was furious to find kids with dirty shoes being allowed by their parents to crawl over clean beds and often the great unwashed ilk would almost lay on the bed next to the person they were visiting, are people thick or what....there that is my moan for the day!!!!
I think it would be great to have a complete change or working environment. Working under extream pressure is something that you can say you are more than used to and you are not leaving your job because you are fed up with pressure or the like, but just want to work in a hospital...always have you feel a great deal of compassion for the nursing staff and want to be helpful and supportive in the hosipal environment.
It is a place where you must really really want to be. It is not like normal office work as you are in the ward. It is a great job and I have friends who have moaned as we all do but do not want to work anywhere else.
Good luck with your interview Catherine. Go for house, new job sounds exciting to me.

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Catherine,
The curtains do look fab and they are very similar to mine which are interlined and lined and gives them a lovley warm and heavy feel, which is much needed as the windows are very drafty - no double glazing !
I will have to go and have a look at this material now I have the name, thank you.
Have you had the interview yet?
I am hoping to start making the linen curtains for my study....and I am not lining them...again...this is becasuse I love the way the light filters through them and as they are linen you can get away with it.
We havve to go to my daughter Katies house today, hub has to fit her new cooker, the kitchen is not fittedyet so I am going to take photos to [ost so you can see the before and after effect !
I did get an odd 'thing' so that is why I have done it ! ! ! {"_"}

Adla said...

Hi there,
stumbled across your blog through Jenn and Jacquis. Love your little knicky knackys... they are really pretty.Do visit me at
Ta for now, Adla