Sunday, 7 October 2007

More pics around the house..............

Right side of my lounge fireplace - the picture is a pencil drawing and it reminds me of the sands at Saltburn

Two jugs £2.99 & £1.50 and the books to the left were £1.99 each

Can you see all the embroidery?

Here are some more pictures around the house and as close up of Nana's embroidered picture which shows the detail a little better for anyone who might be interested. My downsizing move is now crumbling before my eyes. Our buyers as I said before had a hiccup at the beginning of the week and now their latest buyers have changed their minds and the first time buyers at the end of the chain have pulled out too. So its a stalemate at the moment. What concerns me as well is the fact the our buyers agents still have their property showing today (Sunday) as 'under offer' and it has not gone back on 'Right Move' as available to buy. That is appalling when it has been available to buy since Wednesday am - not a very good service considering how many people now do property searching on the internet.
Anyway back to the current property! here are some pics taken around my home of my favourite things as well as evidence of my latest charity shop finds......................... When these are on today I am going to sort out two cupboards and if I get on well the bathroom drawers. This is not just tidying - this is a 'do I really need this - can someone else use it' situation. I sahll go upstairs and do the bottom of my wardrobe. My son hired a cleaner this weekend to do his car seats so we have cleaned the living room rug, Kate's carpet (the marks of hair dye, tanning solition and goodness knows what else have come off slightly!) and our bedroom carpet. I fell cleansed!

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