Friday, 11 January 2008

Dismal day in North Yorkshire

Well it didnt happen yesterday....................

Thursday - had to agree to pay for Chancel Repair insurance on new house and existing house but agreed just to get it sorted. Started exchange on Friday am - all of a sudden my solicitor finds she can send messages by email! - why couldnt they do that before? They received a telephone call from our sellers sol early Fri am and they offered 25th - I said OK - earlier would have been better but hey lets go - my sol replied - so do you want me to push for the 21st (Monday) - I said Yes of course I would? - I thougth we had agreed that earlier in the week? Later came an email sayingall parties can only do 25th cos of our buyers not being able to do 18th. So off we go - never assume that contracts have been exchanged!

3.15pm received email to say that they were unable to exchange contracts as our buyers solicitors had left for the day before exchanging - so do not book your van for the 25th!!!! I was livid and emailed our sol to tell her so -more about the others inefficiency than hers! No reply to that one!

Rang our buyers and left curt message saying - "it was bad enough that we couldn't complete on the 4th, 11th, and 18th because of your solicitor now the 25th may not happen" When I got home she phoned back to say she could move straight away and she was as surprised as us at them not being exchanged. I pointed out that the 18th would have been better for all - she said well we left a message for our sol on Tuesday saying that the 18th was fine now as we had help even tho' hubby was on a course! Its gets better doesn't it - she then said "Oh well our sol has a child to pick up from school thats why she would have left early" - now if I was her solicitor I would have sorted it before I went but heigh ho why be professional?

So our buyers are obviously not bothered. I then said how our Xmas had been ruined because of the news of their property being leasehold and the delay that brought and we had thought that their buyers might pull out 'cos its leasehold. Guess what - it isnt - they had no idea we had been told before xmas or about the hold up on building regs etc on their buyer. So their agent just told a blatent and totally unneccessary lie. Why??

I phoned our seller and told him it hadn't happened and the news that the 18th could have been OK if the info had been shared down the chain - he said "Oh it'll happen in the end".

So here is me bothered about him losing his rental property and trying to get things moving and quite honestly neither our buyer or seller seem grieved by whats happening.

I am so aghast at the whole thing.


Cowboys & Custard said...

Oh Catherine.. this all sounds horribly familiar..we had such a similar situation with all parties when we last moved house.. You begin to wonder if it will EVER happen.. and when it does all go through and the dotted line is signed by everyone and monies exchanged ... the relief is tremendous! SO much so that I lost my voice for a few days... blessing for all!
I hope everyone gets their act together and you move when YOU want to..
Good Luck , fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you.

mrsnesbitt said...

If this was any other profession heads would have been rolling by now!
It makes me angry just raeding this, can only begin to imagine what you must be going through.
Hold ON!


Garden girl said...

Blimey, what a shambles. Think you need to write some serious letters of complaint to the powers that be after this is all over.I hope Monday will bring some good news- assuming od course the solicitors children aren't off sick that day...

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Catherine...........poor you. My son is going through this too - I have little faith in Sol's!!!!!now. His buyers now want him to pay the ESTIMATED costs for 2008's maintenance. Cheek. As you get near to exchange you really get to see now mean some folks are.
I bet that you will not be moving again - ever! once this is all over.
I am sure that it will happen next week - everything crossed.
Carol x

Rhondi said...

Hi Catherine It is unbelievabale what you've been through! You will be SO HAPPY when you finally have the key and walk into your new home! I am a real estate broker and if you were my client I would be sitting at the doorstep of the attorney or whoever it is that is holding up the process and demanding something be done. It's almost done. Hang in there! Rhondi xo