Monday, 26 November 2007

Monday update

Asked for an update this am from our agents and still no news on the first time buyers at the bottom of the chain mortgage. All the agent did was reword last weeks answer! So I thanked him for his prompt reply and likened the sale of our house to a Brian Rix farce and explained he wouldnt know what one was but his boss would - I absolutely give up - is it normal to wait four weeks for a mortgage application to be granted?? Anyway enough of this horrible subject.

Today I received a lovely 'thing' off ebay and wanted to share this lady's skills with you bloggers out there. It is a reversible 'box' bag made from lovely fabrics. The photos on ebay dont do it justice. It was £9.99 plus p&p ann I think a good buy. Her ebay tag is 'annie_linen' worth a look.

Nothing more to report off to look at Laura Ashley 1990 - yummy


Katherines Dream said...

Hi Catherine.
You should both enjoy your day together, life is too short not to.
I hope that you have a lovely time and TRY not to think or talk about the 'you know what'

Mary said...

Hi Catherine
Thanks for the comment.Yes its Laura Ashley I'm sooo lucky. We got 20% off when we ordered in September. I have wanted something like this for ages( years) I keep stroking it!!! You should scroll back some posts to see the before pics! Hope your house sale goes through for you Its a very stressful time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, 1990 Laura Ashley, wow there would be bold florals and stripes in that catalogue :) Jenn and Jacqui

Liz said...

Oh my goodness! I have just found you via Mary, and I do have to say you have all my sympathy re -the horrors of selling, packing, the uncertainty of your purchase, the delays, and above all, nobody that counts on the `same page'
I have been there, done that this year, the bonus was I lost weight with the stress of it all
Hang In!
Hugs from N.Z.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,
so sorry to hear this has all ground to a stand still you must feel like you are banging your head against a wall,i hope it starts moving for you soon.
I'm going to ebay now to peek at your lovely find.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, just us again, Just popping by and checking in on you to see how you are going. Cheer up things will get better, things always do have away of working out :) Hope you have a lovely weekend. Jenn and Jacqui

Cowboys & Custard said...

It's normally at the point when one 'gives up' that something gives and the ball starts to roll!
I remember the trauma of moving so well.. but before you know it .. you will be happily ensonced in your new home and it will just seem all this was a bad dream... well I hope so.
Hang in there!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Catherine

What lovely bags and cushions on ebay. She's a very talented lady by the looks of things.

So sorry your move isn't swimming along smoothly. I'm sure it'll happen soon. Fingers crossed at any rate!


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Catherine, thanks for stopping by. I thought I had left a comment with you about selling my stuff when you asked before, but now I've looked I can't find it, so it musn't have got saved - sorry, I wasn't ignoring your question!
Anyway, I have sold the odd thing in the past on Ebay but I never really got going with it and it's much easier for me to sell through my stall.
A lot of the things I make are 'one-ofs' however, if there is anything in particular you were interested in, drop me an Email ( and I'll see what I can do.
Having said that, I am hoping to put up a few things for sale on my blog some time this week.
Keeping my fingers crossed for your move!


Hi Catherine, yes you are right they were called stamp hinges, thanks so much for getting back with that. I really feel for you with your moving saga, you really don't need all this stress. I think all of your blogging friends will be cracking open a bottle of champagne in your honour when you finally pick up the keys to your new home. I do hope you get some more positive news soon. In the meantime keep looking at those old Laura Ashley catalogues. x