Monday, 19 November 2007

A miserable update on the move.........

I got in touch with the estate agent this afternoon after giving up on the solicitor ringing me. Not good news - it is now 3 weeks since we had the new first time buyer at the bottom of the chain. They have still not got the results of the mortgage valuation and mortgage application back - Why ? we are told continually that the market is at a standstill?? What are they doing at the building society? Their solicitor had advised them not to pay for the searches until they get a letter from the building society. So things do not bode well for a December move if their searches havent even started yet.

Then I went to Tesco to do my shopping (didnt get there over the weekend!) and our buyer was there working - I showed her the email so she is up to date and then she said they had had a letter from their solicitor saying that their buyer has only just paid the search money so their searches havent been started either!

So tonight we have decided to stop packing put some pics back on the wall and batten down the hatches for a few weeks. I can at least grieve for my Laura Ashley catalogues - in fact I think may have to have a look through them - if there are no bids I am going to keep them forever.............and ever..............


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, oh gosh this must be ooo frustrating!! We hope this all sort itself out for you real soon :) Jenn and Jacqui

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Catherine
Sorry I have been out of touch and out of date with your moving (or not) news. It is an awful game of cat and mouse moving house and my thoughts and best wishes are with you. Good Luck! I hope things start to move along the chain v soon.
P.s I use to phone my solicitor nearly every day to get things moving.. he was brilliant and that makes all the difference!

Rosie said...

Oh dear, it must be so frustrating for you - all the paper work seems to take forever. I'm dreading all that when we finally sell the house.
Re your Laura Ashley catalogues - when we moved over here 12 years ago I finally got rid of all my old 'Clothkits' catalogues - I really didn't want to let them go - I still have my clothkits quilted jacket made up from one of the kits though - can't part with that :)

Katherines Dream said...

Oh Catherine, poor you, this is horrible.........I have been there.
My son is going through it at the moment and he does not cope well with the stress of it all.
I am sure it will happen.
It is at times like this when I think that it is good if all those in the chain can communicate with eachother, dealing with estate agents and solicitors can be so frustrating.
Good luck, I have everything crossed for you.