Monday, 19 November 2007

Alas! I am bereft.............

I have had traumatic weekend packing and parting with stuff. My 23 Laura Ashley catalogues from 1990 to 2007 are on ebay! The pile of packed boxes were just getting ridiculous - we are after all downsizing - so - I very bravely opened all the banana boxes I have packed with books - eight in all - and went through them all asking myself what would I really read again - trying to be honest with myself. I am just a hoarder - I confess - and getting rid doesnt come easy. However I managed to lessen the boxes by 3. Some have gone to my friend and the rest were put on Freecycle yesterday - a guy emailed straight away and said he was very interested. I had said there were housey books, non fiction, paperbacks, almost new hard backs etc - it was a fantastic chance. He wanted me to deliver and I said I would within the town area - he didnt reply until very late saying he wouldnt bother! So Alan took them to a little used off the High Street charity shop - Yorkshire Cancer Research - run by some nice ladies - they can have them - some are good enough to be given as presents. I got rid of lots of stuff on Freecycle over the weekend and some will go this evening. I am however not over the LA catalogues - perhaps noone will want them and I put 'pick up only' as they will cost a fortune to post so that lessens the amount of takers. Heres hoping for a bidding war!!

We had a survey done on the house last week and it needs some repointing on the chimneys and ridge tiles and the damp course needs to show two courses of bricks not one. I have sent a letter to the solicitors stating what was found and a few questions that the surveyor feels should be answered. I rang the sols this am to say we had dropped the letter in and could we have an appointment to see her. She seemed very taken aback that we wanted to and asked why. I said well to see where we are at , when the date might be, etc etc. She said she would read our letter and then get back to us. That was 4 hours ago!! We havent a clue what is happening with the move no-one seems to know anything. So I guess we will just carry on packing and packing........and packing.............

I had a lovely rendezvous with Mrs Nesbitt - for a cup of tea - what a lovely lady - we had a natter over a very expenisve cuppa! but the surroundings were lovely and a bit later on in the same venuwe I met 13 ladies I used to work with in the School Dental Service - its about 18 years since I saw most of them - it was so lovely and we are doing it again in a few months. The only problem was they were nearly all retired and having a wonderful time - which made me envious,

Right must go - this was just a quickie - I shall post some photos of my boxes next time - riveting eh!!


mrsnesbitt said...

Freecycle eh...yes there are those people who keep you hanging about!!!

Yes a great meeting!
I have been busy too, but hopefully will start painting soon!

Lucy Bloom said...

Oh I don't envy you with all that packing. As for the Laura Ashley catalogues, I parted with some many years ago and have always regretted it. I hate having to decide to get rid of stuff!