Wednesday, 21 November 2007

More misery today from the solicitors..............

For all you people snuggled and happy in your homes - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE!!

Guess what it turns out that our house has a 'potential' Chancel Repair Liability on it. They want us to pay for an indemnity for the purchasers for £170.88 which is more than I expected. I have also discovered that the above law only came in for 10 years and expires in 2013 so why do we have to cover our buyers for 25 years? We are also told that the property we are buying has the same thing and they have to buy one for us. I have asked how much theirs will be and how they arrive at the figures. Update - my friend moved onto the smae road last year and this wasnt raised then,

Our buyers solicitors want the dimensions of the sun room so that they and the buyers can make their own assessment as to whether or not planning permission would have been required. The solicitors feel that building regs should have been obtained and therefore are asking for another indemnity policy for lack of building regs at our cost (no figure stated)

I have spent two hours on the internet and composed a long letter - I cannot see how we can get away with the Chancel thing but I am not happy about the building regs issue. Apparently the new regs only came in in 1991 and the sun room was built in 1966!! The worst thing is why wasnt it spotted when we bought it in 1995 and our seller was still alive to give evidence of when he built it etc. I am so angry - I couldnt even eat (yes ladies not even chocolate!) its now 11.30pm I am off to bed to not sleep!

NB The only good thing today happened when two of the re-enactors we met in Whitby came to collect Alans Dads army uniforms which we offered them for their group to wear. I had the girls email from when I sent her my WRAF beret. What lovely people, we instantly liked them and we had a lovely chat - I think we might be convinced to go to one of the do's and wander around in the clothes. Now how about that for true vintage!!

Anyway I guess we wont hear anything from the solicitors till next week, even though my answer will be in the letterbox in the morning by 8am

Night night - tonight we feel like staying where we are..........................

This is an update at lunchtime on Thursday - Alan went to the Planning Dept and they said they have no right to query the planning or building regs after 10 years and he laughed when Alan said he was referring to a 'sun room' built in 1966. So I have emailed the solicitor as an update to the letter they got this am and told her what we have been told. I ended my email by saying I was not making a facetious statement but seriously felt it might be better if removed the walls, windows and roof and simply left them with a patio area where the sun room once stood. If they still want an indemnity after all this I am inclined quite honestly to say 'stuff it' we will stay where we are................. I know they want our house badly so maybe they will think lang and hard at that point.


Cowboys and Custard said...

This all sounds horribly familiar.. we moved 18 months ago and the chain nearly broke down on the day before exchange was due.. we made loud noises to the other parties about pulling out and LO.. all went through smoothly at the 11th hour..
I am thinking of you in this nightmare scenario.. just remember next time you pick up a property paper.. you don't want to move.. I have moved 5 times in 10 years.. and aged!

Louise said...

What you say doesn't really surprise me, moving is such a 'money pit', and unexpected problems turn up out of the blue, but where will it end and where do they think people can find the money from for all these extras, honestly it is daylight robbery, although someone is raking in the cash? Great about the vintage uniforms going to a good home, we visit our local airshow at Shoreham every year and there is always a re-enactment of Dad's Army, it is great. I hope you get some good news soon. x

mrsnesbitt said...

Gosh! Sending you ((((HUGS)))) tonight I am reminding myself how much I love my home and am staying put for many many years!
I now this doesn't help, but it has really given a reality check.
Always around though should you need a coffee..............or something stronger!


Vintage to Victorian said...

Been down similar roads so many times. The last time was when Mum moved into the house next door in January and there were queries about the conservatory. All sorted with no hassle although our solicitor (who acted for mum) had to tell their solicitor how to do his job as he seemed to have got himself in a muddle. Our solicitor has had to sort out so many things for us over the last 20 years and she is now a very dear friend. There were queries on the sale of our last 2 properties, but she soon had them licked into shape and we didn't have to fork out on indemnities. Quite often I think it's a case of the strongest wins. Whoever collapses in a heap first loses out. I'm sure that won't be you.

Carol said...

Hi Catherine,
This is just horrible.
I hope that it knits together for you soon.

Country Cottage Chic said...

It sounds like an absolute nightmare! Why does it all have to be so complicated & stressful. Hopefully it will get sorted out & everything will move forward smoothly at last.

trash said...

just read a comment you left elsewhere - hope your day got better and you recovered your cds.