Friday, 23 November 2007

Friday update...................

Alan had a call from the guy whose house we are buying - his wife had opened the letter asking about the pointing on the chimneys and two other queries and they were panicking - thinking that we wanted to pull out of the purchase - Why ?? we were only asking questions about work on the property we are buying! which is quite normal. Alan assured them that it was the opposite and we wanted to get in asap but there were hold ups with our buyers etc etc. The guy has already signed his contract and is talking about the 10th December!! Where are the communications in all of this?? What are we paying for?? We are not prepared to tell him how many hold ups there are to date - he will be appalled as he obviously thinks hes on the home straight. I said to Alan we are paying these agents and solicitors a fortune - its up to them to communicate with each other and keep all of their clients informed of progress etc. We havent even had copy of the form saying what he is leaving in the property yet and he has signed his contract - now thats not on is it!!

I have been to an away day with work today - I hate them - such a lot of money when so many people have lost some of their salary - its insulting. I come back cross at the expense as they are always held at expensive venues with speakers - who were probably getting more for a couple of hours than I get for a month. Its insensitive - especially having these speakers when you work for local government where you cant be innovative and telling you to go and get the sort of life you want etc etc when you just cant do things like that when you have bills to pay etc

I am going to go and sink myself into a nice home mag with a cup of tea - I dont really enjoy alcohol, even wine which gives me indigestion but sometimes I think I should have some to get my shoulders down.

Whoops nearly forgot to tell you about my LA catalogues - I went onto ebay, put a starting bid of £19.99 hoping to put people off buying them and then reduced the sale to 3 days and then added that I had them advertised elsewhere and reserved the right to with draw if I sold them. I didnt know that sentence was against ebay rules and when I got home that night ebay had removed them !! How lucky is that - so come here back to mummy.........I made the mistake with my portmeirion I am not making it again !


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, we are not au fait with the workings of UK real estate but gosh have you had an epic journey! You deserve to sink into your armchair and enjoy your mag and a cup of tea!!! And totally agree about speakers fees, they can be outrageous, having arranged them myseld with work functions I know!! Have a lovely weekend and don't stress, everything has a way of working itself out eventually :) Jenn and Jacqui


Shan't bring up the subject of moving. I agree with you about work issues, job cuts are on the cards where I work. I don't drink wine, I much prefer a cup of tea or coffee, my friends treat me as if I am abnormal! Great to get your Laura Ashley's back, I have sold previously on ebay and there are a lot of rules and regulations which must be adhered to! Anyway there loss your gain. x

Rosie said...

Hello Catherine - thanks for your comment - so sorry you are having so many problems - the buying and selling of houses seems to take so long nowadays and actually getting a buyer is only the first rung of the ladder. When we put our house up for sale at the end of July I didn't still expect to be here. I'm sure things will move eventually and you will soon be enjoying your new home:)
Take care,

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Catherine
Thank you for dropping by today.
Hang in there girl... just when you think it is never going to happen something will shift and start moving towards your goal.
It always seems like it is in the lap of the gods ... all good things...

mrsnesbitt said...

Hi Catherine thanks for dropping by today. Gosh, I feel for you and thoroughly agree with what you say re solicitors and agents supposidly working for you!
Also agree re Training Days etc. They make my blood boil....just because some latest initiative has to be the "in thing" people jump on their soap boxes and patronise the rest of us who have probably been doing it for years

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Catherine,
That's good about your Laura Ashley catalogues, I wouldn't have parted with them. The very first time I tried to sell on Ebay I had my listing removed for one violation or other - I was horrified and really worried for ages that I'd get banned. I also really wanted to know who had 'snitched' on me, as I see so many listings on there that break the rules and nothing happens to them.

Country Cottage Chic said...

I really feel for you having to deal with all this trouble with your house move - it's really stressful. Keeping fingers crossed that everything will run smoothly *eventually*.