Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Update on move of the century!!

This is a copy of emails sent and received today re 'the move' - enjoy!

Monday email to my agent - Hi Stuart - Here is my weekly request for an update on the progression (or not ) of the chain!

Tuesday am reply - Hi Mrs M - I wasn't in the office yesterday, I've just spoken to Y*** Move and they are coming back to me when they have chased the First Time Buyer Kind Regards

Tuesday am from me - Thanks Stuart - I was panicking last night when you didnt respond - I thought - he doesnt want to tell me the bad news!! Mind you that might come later this am?? I am absolutely certain this is going to fall through.

Tuesday pm from agent - The First Time Buyer has their mortgage offer and searches have been sent for, so now I'm waiting for R*****s to update me on the next property up the chain to make sure they are all up to date, so I'll let you know later.

Tuesday from agent - The T******* now have a mortgage offer for the purchase of the A********* (our buyers house), so things are moving ahead, slowly. I'll chase again next week about the progress of the searches and the solicitors enquires. Stuart (me - so no rushing about there then - hey whats a week!!!!)

My final reply to Stuart - Thanks very much Stuart - as you are the only person prepared to correspond with me I'm afraid you are the one who's ear is bent!! I wasn't even aware that the T******** didn't have a mortgage offer in place - because they were in the chain before it broke down the first time I stupidly thought that they would have had one ready and waiting! Never assume. I have bought and sold seven houses since 1979 and Alan has bought and sold eight - we have never ever had such an appalling time. This is the 21st century and you would think that communication between all parties involved was using semaphore, pigeons or even smoke signals. We chose our solicitors as you recommended them for their modern approach to conveyancing - I have to disagree with you on that point. It is now two weeks since I answered their latest queries and I don't even get 'thanks for your letter and email' which would take at least 30 seconds of their very expensive time. We do not even know if the information and answers we gave are acceptable yet. If I had known what I know now I would have contacted the R*****s who also wanted our house when we fell at the first hurdle - but you try in this life to be decent and fair to people and the younger couple really wanted our house ............................to rub salt into the gaping wound! I see the R***** sale is completed and they will be in, redecorated and cosy for Xmas (can you detect the bitterness in this email??? ) My compliments of the season to you all - I would ask you all for a festive drink but the glasses are packed and the dining table sold!!

Stuarts reply was he would take me up on the drink and we wouldnt need a table - CHEEKY!!

So folks that is the latest in the saga of my life, things are moving very slowly. I spoke to our buyers (wife) and she said ' Oh we signed a paper that goes back to you on Saturday am" !!! I said that sounds like your contract! I explained that we sign our own then exchange them and then decide on a date to move!!

So we wont be in for Xmas - it sounds like our sellers, us and our buyers will be sat with contracts signed and waiting for the others in the chain to catch up.............................

For those who remember I had a bit of a run in with someone at work - well she has resigned and is going elsewhere! So its not all bad news !!!!......................................



Anonymous said...

Cripes Catherine! Don't know what to say except, hang in there :) Jenn and Jacqui

Rosie said...

Dear, oh, dear - I find all the admin and the time it all takes so frustrating - common courtesy in letting you know your e-mails, letter, signed papers,etc have been received seems to have disappeared too. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that although it is all going very slowly it will all happen in the end. I'm trying not to think that we may have all this to come. Thanks for your kind message and concerns I've answered your query re the jobs over on my blog. Take care:)

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Catherine, so the nightmare goes on! Almost puts me off ever moving again. Shame you won't be in for Christmas, that must be very disappointing, I was impressed with your correspondence though.
Just to let you know, I am hoping to list a few items for sale tomorrow, just have to photograph them in the day and then to put them on late afternoon or evening time. If you let me know your email address (mine's in my profile page) I can send you an email once they're done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, us again! Thanks for your comments on our Blog! Ah the country house, yes that has been a long held dream of ours. We have been looking for a while, but have not quite settled on the exact region yet. We hope to decide middle of next year. It's just that we need to maintain a city base as well for work and university. Our city Nest is a two bedroom apartment, quite a challenge to downsize to! I;ll be able to spead out in the country! Take care, hope all is going well and meant to say was very impressed with your emails to the agent! Jenn and Jacqui

OhSoVintage said...

Hi Catherine, I have just visited my blog and put 2 and 2 together!! Thankyou for visiting my blog and the order, I have emailed you separately. I laughed reading this especially as I have just put the phone down from our seller's estate agent ringing me to ask for an update. We are also in this stressful position but not as far advanced as you appear to be! I shall now read your presvious posts and will be a regular visitor.

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Catherine, I've put a link to my shop on the blog. I'll be posting about it tomorrow.
Hope all is well!

Rhondi said...

Hi Catherine
Thanks for visiting my blog. I tried to respond back to you but it wouldn't let me! Would love to correspond with you further. Yes we have been to Yorkshire. We love the English countryside.
Boy you sure are having a time with trying to sell your home! Hope everything falls into place. I remember years ago our English friends telling us about gazzumping. Does that still happen?

Rhondi said...

Me again. Just noticed you added me to your blogs list. Thank you so much!

Katherines Dream said...

Nothing here suprises me.........
My sons solicitor must have Dementia....sorry not wanting to offend anyone, she keeps asking for papers that we have already sent her and she has acknowledged receipt of!!!!!
I am mad. She had better not charge for all these duplicated letters and postage.
The world is full of professional idiots. I am having a VERY bad day as you may have guessed, I could easily............cannot say what!
Hang on in ther girl, you can do it you are better and stronger than them.
Carol xx

Rhondi said...

Hi Catherine. Hope things are going smoother with your move. I just wanted to let you know I've changed the name of my blog.

Rhondi said...

Hi Catherine. I decided no to change thename of my blog so please ignore my last comment. Silly me!

Suzie Sews said...

Oh why oh why is is so darn hard to buy and sell a house, hang in there, things happen for a reason, yer I know that does not help at the moment!!!

Cowboys & Custard said...

What can I say except GOOD LUCK.. as it seems that house moves are in the lap of the gods most of the time.. the solicitors role seems to be irrelevant until it comes to their fees!
Whatever it is that is jamming the works.. I hope it shifts and the cogs start whirring for you very soon.. no.. sooner than soon!

Alchamillamolly said...

Thanks for all your comments you have boosted me - we are no further forward - in fact a couple of steps behind!! Will blog shortly - today I realised its 'the day' in a fortnight - aaargh!

mrsnesbitt said...

hell spells! Hope you are drinking a nice glass of wine tonight! I need one myself so I can empathise with you!