Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Update on the non-move!!

On Friday we had a letter from our solicitor asking us to send a copy of the survey report to her so our seller's sol can see it (we had written on 21st November with some queries raised by the survey a friend did verbally for us and our seller rang straight away and discussed the queries - we were happy with the answers and thought that our solicitor had been informed by his!! - never assume - so thats over three weeks to respond from our solicitors - can they not phone or email - are they allergic to these methods??

So, we spoke to our seller again on Sat am and he agreed to chase his sol. on Monday am. We discussed the problems we have had with mortgages and chains etc etc and he said he would write and ask for completion asap as he may lose his rental property if he can't sign for it soon and it has to be still available for others to rent until then. Anyway I mentioned the ludicrous 'potential chancel repair' indemnity to him and he said he hadn't heard of it so I explained it. He couldn't believe it.

So off we went to Alan's Mums and on our return we found another letter from our sol. She said that as our seller would not agree to pay the chancel indemnity for us she had notified our buyers sol that we would therefore not pay for theirs as we would have to pay for two policies. She has also said we won't pay for the planning indemnity as the sun room is so old etc etc. - which is fine. She then told us that our buyers are signing on Thursday but their sol says no completion before Xmas and would we agree to completion in the New Year! What else did she expect us to say ??

Anyway as you can see the two versions of our sellers thoughts on the chancel repair appear to differ! I have written again and asked her to clarify the situation and if possible do it by phone then maybe we can sign this week as well - nothing! the line of communication has gone dead again. I also asked for the third time if we could have a copy of the form showing what our sellers are leaving.

So it's official bloggers - we are here for Xmas. S0 I have had a deep and meaningful conversation with Alan. I have put our old artificial Xmas tree on freeserve tonight (we intend to get a new in the sales!! after we saw the bargains last year) and we will buy a small real one and get the bloomin thing up - I am unwrapping some decs and lets get some festivity into the house!

We are putting back some pics at the weekend and I am happy! ( Alan will get a surprise when he sees some decs he doesnt know we have) - I am going for greenery as well and them most of the decs can stay packed - we'll just do the lounge.

My Mam and Dad have also decided to come for Xmas dinner so we will get out the garden table and add it to our little one we have left. Ho Ho Ho - Christmas is coming to Mill Hill....................................the fact that the glasses are packed and the spare knives and forks!! - I have even done some online shopping tonight and will finish at the weekend on our local shops - cant face the towns now - they will be heaving.

So all I want for Xmas is (not front teeth I have my own!) a letter giving an invitation to sign our contract, a completion date and a form showing what we are being left..............Felicitations of the seasons to all of you xxxxxxxxx


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Enjoy your seasonal decorating (fresh greenery is so pretty anyway) and relax until after Christmas - then fingers crossed it will be full steam ahead!!


When is the Nightmare before Christmas going to end? I do feel so sorry for you being stuck in limbo. I think you are doing the right thing by putting up a few decorations. It will be nice to have your mum and dad around on Christmas Day, you could always get them to bring their own knives and forks!

Anonymous said...

At least you can now get ready for christmas well now you know where you will be having it,enjoy trimming up the lounge and hang on in there it must be so hard and frustrating for you.
Kristina x

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, a frustrating time no doubt! Hope you can have a lovely Christmas and relax a little, it will be one of those Christmases to remember in years to come! Jenn and Jacqui

Alchamillamolly said...

Thanks for your comments - I feel cheered already. My husband passed our buyers in town yesterday going to sign their contract - we still dont know whether we are paying for their parish indemnity - I wonder when we will find out??

Cowboys & Custard said...

I hope your Christmas wish is granted.. and you get all papers signed sealed and delivered pronto!
It will be a memorable Christmas for all sorts of reasons and hopefully a very happy one too.

Suzie Sews said...

Hope you get your Christmas wish...just think this time next year you could be all cosy in the home of your dreams...
Suzie Sews

Rosie said...

It sounds as if you are getting a little closer - a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Make your home as festive as you can with what you have left unpacked, then sit back and enjoy Christmas - you will soon be in your new home.