Tuesday, 18 December 2007

A 'maybe' date!!!

We signed our contract yesterday - they sent it in the Xmas post! I have always been and signed at the solicitors office in the past - but hey - lets not have any contact eh??
We found out that the 'issues' that our buyers, buyers are having is that they don't appear to have buildig regs for their extension and they are now awaiting a mortgage amendment letter which they also need before they can sign! This means that the 4th January can only be the DATE if they sign before Friday am.

So - we cant arrange anything yet and most people will close on Friday so I just hope if it is the 4th we get chance to arrange a van. The gas etc I can do whilst we are off for Xmas but its the van thats crucial. Weare having a 'man with a van' we shouldnt need the extra man because I have 2 strapping sons but if its the 11th then its not so easy for them to take hols. Hmmm so its a waiting game again.

I saw the lady who wanted to buy our house intially she has moved to a lovely victorian Terrace next to where I work. She was a little offhand with me at first - but when I said we were still trying to move she was very angry - she hadnt viewed anywhere else but ours until the agents finally said ours was gone but she had no idea that the agents had said she was ' too far down the line' when our chain fell apart earlier. She was furious as she had said they must let her know if anything happened with ours. She had had to find somewhere else but even her sale wobbled seriously at the end. They had a date to complete and two days before, they discovered that her buyers solicitor hadnt realised that her buyers cash which was in a trust fund and needed a weeks notice to withdraw the cash so the whole thing had to be put back a week. Why can't these professionals get it right. Anyway she parted amicably but so mad that she had missed our house (its in the village where her Mum lives and now she has to use the car ot see her every day instead of walkng about 600 yards) I don't know whether she will ring the agents to give them a rocket. Actually I would have loved the house she has bought but it only had a courtyard and thats what put us off.

We spoke to our seller last night and he is OK with either dates so lets see...............we are buying his dishwasher (now thats going to be a new experience!!) if his wife agrees and visiiting a couple of days before to get instructions on the ghost carp he is leaving in the pond etc



The suspense is killing me, and you I daresay, I shan't pop the cork just yet! x

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine, maybe some celebrations soon? Hope so!! Merry Christmas Catherine:) Jenn and Jacqui