Sunday, 16 December 2007

Merry Xmas!

An unfestive picture but just noticed this picture as I was looking at the ones I have taken to add to the my blog and thought how lovely the colours are - these are my Lauras Ashley Arundel curtains in the bedroom - I am taking them with me - the chair is one of the pair I have recently had upholstered.

Now for Xmas!

Not a very exciting tree this year I'm afraid but it looks pretty in the corner of the lounge - I am regretting saying I would leave my curtains now! they are 3.5widths and 89 drop so they would have gone somewhere in the new house and now we find our sellers are taking all theirs which they said they were leaving - I didnt like them but they would have tided me over until I have some chosen. Anyway back to the tree! I made myself put only the red things on this year and I have packed up the other ornaments - Having taken a photo of it it looks rather bare but never mind. Do you like my wall decoration - I wanted these (there are two) for ages about three years ago - they were in our local department store and they finally reduced them on Xmas Eve to £9.99 each so I decided they had been waiting for me and bought them. I am just going to put my swag on the fireplace and that'll do for this year. Now we might have a date we have realised how many things we havent even looked at packing yet. So I have made myself a list so I do at least one thing every night - well one Xmas job and one moving job! That will mean one drawer sorted or cupboard each night and one Xmas chore like wrapping some pressies. Just got to finish the cards - I did some last night until 'Hope and Glory' finished - I love that film - especially the house on the river and there are loads of pre-war semis to look - just think next time I see it on the tele I will be in one.......................can't wait. Went to town and forgot to go to L Ashley - can't believe it. After seeing Lucy Blooms bargains I meant to go. We used to call in most days in our lunch hour but we havent really been out much at the moment - we have all been taking minimum lunch hours so we can build our flexi to do shopping nearer the time. I know I can make curtains but it would be nice for someone to take on the job for a change - have just met a friend in Sainsbury's who had some made and she will give me her number. I am hoping to find something in the LA sale - I say that flippantly - I am the world's worst procrastinator - I am totally incapable of making a decision on fabric for myself. I used to go with people to choose fabrics and styles etc when I made soft furnishings at home but not for myself........I think its because I want things like that (ie big purchases) to last for some years and I dont want something I will tire of. I love William Morris classics but the trouble is that there is too much choice out there now. Right must go and get some chores done. Festive greetings to you all x
PS I can never get my photos to add where I want within the blog ?? They always go to the top of the blog - any hints on how to have more control over them??


Country Cottage Chic said...

Your tree looks very pretty as do your Laura Ashley curtains. i can't believe you haven't been able to move yet - it must be so frustrating.

beeswax, said...

Nice tomeet you, yes we have alot in common, I know what you mean about son leaving!!!!
LOve the bedroom curtains, glad you are taking them with you yoyour new house, like you we will be downsizing , hopefully in the spring, so will enjoy reading all about your new home...
Your photos are lovely, thanks for popping by, Kath x


Hi Catherine, some technical stuff. The way these Google blogs are set up is damned annoying, after lots of cursing and swearing I have discovered that if you want more than one photo, say three, you first insert the photo you want at the bottom, then the one you want in the middle and then the one you want at the top, then make sure your cursor is at the bottom right of the first photo, new line twice and you should be able to type between the photos, you do this after each photo, if you can understand what I mean, it should help! To find pictures for the sidebar, I type the subject I want in the search line and just look through the different entries, if you see a picture you like, you place the mouse on the picture and right click on the mouse, choose the option save picture as, save in a file, then you can insert these into your blog the same as you would a photo, confused yet! I am not sure about the copyright laws on this, but I suppose you are OK to use the images if you are not making a financial gain out of them? Louise x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Catherine, love those Arundel curtains, I have a small piece of that fabric waiting to make something from it. Your tree looks lovely, I haven't shown mine yet, but we only have a small table-top one in the front room. I don't know about your new house, but our semi has quite small rooms, hell of a job finding furniture to fit! Thanks for the mention in your blog! As regards downloading photos, I can't see a way of inserting them lower down in the text, they all appear at the top and then you have to move them to where you want in the text - unless anyone knows any different? I find blogger quite cumbersome to use really.
best wishes,

Lucy Bloom said...

Me again - glad you liked the hangers so much - hee hee, yes, I know that temptation to keep things for yourself, I have done it many time too. Well at least you can be sure they are appreciated that way!