Tuesday, 16 September 2008

My other house

This is one of our hobbies that has been neglected over the past year but it is finally in place in the conservatory. It is a house with a shop at the side and the shop belongs to a man who makes and repairs chairs - hence the workbench - this room is my husbands work and is the only room we have done to date.
We have four boxes of things we have collected for the house and now we just need time (!) and we may get some more decorating in the house done (the dolls one of course)
I came home tonight to a surprise - Alan had come home in his dinner hour and fitted my wall lights in the back lounge they are lovely - he will attempt the centre fitting tomorrow but my daughters floorboards have to come up to fasten the fitting to the ceiling - there is a ceiling rose and it is wrong in the 30's house but its far too much work to remove it now.
We now have some small spot lights to attach to the beam in the conservatory and then at last we will have lights out there as well.
My friend and I went to the local auction in our lunch hour on Friday and saw some carver chairs which I wanted for the kitchen. I knew Alan was coming back from Skipton and finishing early so I rang him and asked him to look at them and bid if he thought they were OK.
Anyway he rang to sayhe hadn't bought the pair but had bought the other chair that we had raved about and sat in and thought would go for a lot of ££££. He got it for £40 - it is a real chair for Father Christmas to sit in or Grandads to read books to children in. Its coming into the kitchen when all the light boxes have gone and the shelves and brackets for the conservatory are not being stained and the shelves for the front room aren't being painted etc etc. I will take a photo soon and show it off on here. We aren't going to touch the colour of the chair its lovely and worn in all the right places yummy.
I am off to read one of my mags now with a cuppa and then an early night I think - the last few nights have been long and uncomfortable as I woke up with sciatica on Sunday morning - can't seem to shake it off - a visit to the osteopath would do the trick but as the local diy stores and lighting shops have gobbled up the ££ this month I am putting up with it.
Night night


MarmaladeRose said...

Hi Catherine, I just wanted to say thank you for telling me about C B Funishings. I've made a mental note ready for our next trip. Do you know of anywhere good to buy bathroom mirrors?
Love the dolls house, my mum and dad started one, but mums too much of a perfectionist and dad isn't! Enough said!!!

Sal said...

I have always wanted to make my own dolls house and keep it for a grandchild, should one ever come along! ;-)

Alchamillamolly said...

Hmm bathroom mirrors - there is a good shop down Barkers arcade in Northallerton that has furniture etc - I got a lovely creamy distressed mirror which we painted over in cream as I dont really like distressed - they always have good buys in there - don't forget to go upstairs there as well. There is a new shop called Simones Curios - its a little hard ot find if you dont know Northallerton. If you approach the town via the lever crossing near Sam Turners you need to go over it towards the town go along the High Street with the big church on your right. Try and park just past there, because you can't park near the shop, you will have a big roundabout in front of you and there is an estate agent on the corner, a pedestrian crossing which you cross and then turn left after an Indian, then Blockbusters, Richard Crosland (posh mans shop but nice) and you will reach Simones. She has new stuff downstairs and old stuff upstairs. CB also have lots of mirrors, beds, furniture, pots, pix, everything really! There is Barkers furniture store opposite B&Q (on the Sam T side of the crossing)they have mirrors though not particularly bathroom ones. There is also Natural Home on the High Street (they have bathroom stuff)which is past WHSmiths heading towards the Laura Ashley end of town (did you know we had LA) we are also getting Lakeland next month. You also have to visit Boyes on the High St opposite WHSMith - it is a great place to root you never know what they are going to have in - though I expect your teenagers will not like it!! they could be left in Fat Face!! Boyes gets great pots in , fabircs, designer clothes, etc

Have you been to Bedale? there is Dovetail Interiors there on the hill - they sell all sorts of nice stuff.