Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Back after a long blogging break.......................

Sand sculptures at Filey - this is another upside down post - its late now and I need to think about adding pics - I will fathom it out another day!!

Hi there to everyone - I have returned after a long break. I felt that my postings were just about everything that was going wrong - so I have been there reading and commenting on others but just getting the bad things out of the way. In the greater scheme of things they were not important but at the time they seemed so.

Anyway in the meantime I am pleased to sat we now have new laminate in the hall and front room and a new carpet in the back lounge - the carpet is heaven after so many months of hard flooring. The sweet peas above must have been the first ones from the garden as I have had the Laura Ashley eau de nil polka dot table covering on for several weeks now - up to now I have had twelve jugs of them and even taken some for my desk at work - they have been glorious. We have munched the beans - eaten the strawberries - with difficulty I might add to say they were tart would be an understatement!

We have the composter bubbling away after moving to a better position and have cleared another small area for more veg - the beetroot and carrots are looking good - though my Mum will be given the beetroot to 'do'!!

At last I have a chest freezer in the garage (which we can access through the utility) I spent many winters trekking across the garden to the freezer in the garage in my last home so this will be bliss. It is at last filled the ginnells - now we can start enjoying the smaller shopping trips - I hate grocery shopping so the less trips the better for me

Alan and I have been on leave since the bank holiday - we havent been anywhere except for days out. I am happy to be at home quite honestly - I sit at my desk longing to be there reading or doing a jigsaw ( my unwinding time) so that is what I have done these last few days.

We went to Filey one day and I went to 'Summer by the Sea's ' lovely shop - her very well behaved and very polite children were there. She is lovely and it is so nice to meet a blogger in person. I can read her blog in a different way now - we had a lovely day in Filey - its a lovely seaside town with a tremendous beach- huge, clean and very very long................. Here are some pics of the sand sculptures people had made - the day was a bit overcast but lovely and warm

We went to Reeth yesterday in Swaledale and then over to Barnard Castle - the day was lovely but very windy - then onto Alan's Mum for a visit. Forgot to say we went to visit the Fat Sheep where Marmalde Rose has some of her lovely bags on sale but it was shut - I was just telling her in a comment that I had said there wouldn't be much open on a Monday and it occurred to me that that may be why Alan was so keen to go out!! No he wouldn't do that - would he??


mrsnesbitt said...

Great to know all is well! i was worried,

MarmaladeRose said...

So glad to have you back, I missed you! What a shame the Fatsheep was shut, I think they reduce the days that they are open once the main holiday season has finished. I wish I could smell those sweetpeas! The only thing thats grown well in our garden this year is the grass!

This Vintage Life... said...

Hi Catherine, nice to see you back.
I love n.Yorkshire, Reeth and the like....so beautiful and dramatic, although I've not been for many a year. x

mrsnesbitt said...

Hey, next time you are passing just text me, the kettle will be on! No problem at all.