Friday, 12 September 2008

Bloody XL Holidays

My son Adam and his fiancee Vicky and6 other memebrs of her family were off to Florida in 5 weeks - they have lost everything. They didnt want to have credit card debts so they have been planning this for 18 months - her Dad paid for the flights and accomodation so he has lost £6k. Adam and Vicky paid for the minibus for the lot of them for 2 weeks and bought their attraction tickets in advance so they have lost £1400.

Adam has never been anywhere like this so he was so excited to be going. They are all gutted and I don't know what to say. They might get their flight money back but not in time


MarmaladeRose said...

Oh that's awful. I'm so sorry. It's so unfair. I want to say something to make it all ok, but I know I can't!

mrsnesbitt said...

Another one bites the dust! Terrible going on!


Cowboys and Custard said...

How utterly sickening and heartbreaking...
All I can say is.. that is good Karma and bad karma... Good Karma will prevail in the end!

Michele x

P.s I do so hope you can make it to the fair.. it would be fab to meet you! Don't worry about the books ..please!