Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Grrrrrrh internet access

Well I cant send all my pics to work to add them to blogger because I have no broadband! and I have loaded them off the camera onto the computer so I can't even bring them here and put them on as I thought I was clever and deleted them off the camera - so I have one pic I took this am of the white wisteria on the garden side of the pergola.

Having arguments by letter with Supanet - gosh you must think I am simply awkward and argumentative with everyone as this sounds like the move but I am not like that at all -its these big companies who don't do their job. You feel so helpless.

A guy from our IT department came to give us new PC's and he was saying about just moving and how awful it was - he was in our chain!! with the same solicitors as us and he had the same terrible time - he was the second in line from the bottom of the chain. Mind you at least he is finished and in and not being accused by Customs & Excise like us of not paying our stamp duty - Drrrh!

Right must go, had my dinner break! Will read some blogs tomorrow - I dont go out at lunchtime on my errands anymore 'cos I have to quickly read blogs!

I think Kate is moving out at the weekend or next weekend. She and Ross got a 3 seater and 2 seater leather sofa less than one year old - they were almost £2k new for £700. They decided if they have not much else they can sit comfortably. They are big but I said if they don't fit you can always sell them. The couple she bought them off were splitting up which is sad, Kate said they obviously hadn't spent enough time snuggling on the expensive sofas. She has turned inot a little bairgain hunter like her Mum. They bought a second hand fridge freezer and the couple threw in a free dishwasher!

Right must go!!


funkymonkey said...

I love the wisteria. It's unusual to see white. Hope you get your broadband access sorted.

LOUISE said...

It's a small world. You never know who you are talking to or who is listening! x