Saturday, 21 June 2008

Exhausted from stripping..........!!!!!!

These are some of the
things I have in and on
top of my dresser - I have
so many other boxes to
unpack yet I am going
to have to be selective
and maybe sell on some
of my 'stuff' !!

Don't worry I haven't got a night job - stripping the walls and washing off horrible gluey paste - yeuk. Poor old Alan thought we were finished and then I pointed out the wall at the top that is where they added an extension on - so more water in the steamer. We had the conservatory doors and windows open and it was pouring outside - all the windows were steamed up and so were we. More gardening last night after stttling own for a cool drink after tea and a 'watch the pond' session we made some decisions on the garden and got up and did it there and then. Shrubs out, acers moved. path planned, carrots moved!! all go.........

Tomorrow should be adding dado round the room, then painting of dado and all paintwork. Have had a delivery of my brother's unwanted 1930's fireplace. Tall with an oval mirror -in lovely condition. So tomooorrow I can see it in situ as the horrible dark shiny one is now off - so the nice clean, decorated front is piled high with 'stuff' again. Still we have broken the back of the job today and it was pouring down anyway - what more could you ask to be doing on a rainy afternoon - Yes I know, reading , resting , watching an old film, those days are on hold in this house.
Right its 9.30pm there is film I would like to watch but typical of tele now it starts after midnight and we only have trash all evening - we haven't even had it on tonight. May as well go to bed with Alan, tea and Country Living!


MarmaladeRose said...

I'm glad you added the 'tea and Country Living' after you said you were off to bed with Alan! lol!
I love the little black floral cups on the dresser. Can we have some photos of the garden under construction please?

Lucy Bloom said...

Well that is quite a collection of china, will be tough deciding what to keep/sell? I have that little quilty paper box too!

prettyshabby said...

ooo you have some pretty bits and pieces there..and lots of it!
so annoying when the films you want to watch start so late and theres football or rubbish on before hand..dont the tele people realise we havent all got sky+ !!

funkymonkey said...

I'm quite envious of the lovely things on your dresser. Good luck with the decorating.

Country Cottage Chic said...

That title almost had me spilling my tea!!
Loved seeing your collection of pretty china.


LOUISE said...

I find it so hard to be selective and sell stuff. That is why I have boxes of bric-a-brac etc in the loft, always making an excuse to keep it, incase I ever get more shelf space. Will I ever! I could do with space for a dresser like yours, a great place for your bits 'n pieces. x