Thursday, 29 May 2008

Sorry for not joining in lately

We have no internet access due to arguing with our provider so I am adding this message from work.

Day off tomorrow due to fact that my laminate is being laid in the hall, front room and cushionfloor in the loo! Hoping they are coming early and then I can have some 'me' time and I am not spending it in the supermarket!

The wisteria out now on the pergola and it is lovely - there is second one as well which is coming a liitle later it was just flowering in a few places this morning and its a white one. The garden is coming along well, we have added lots of car boot plants lately and things in pots that we brought with us. We bought a pear tree with some vouchers we got off my brother almost two years ago but we were hanging on until we moved here. The garden is proving to be perfect - it gets lots of sun when we want it and there are shady places as well I can see we are going to have some lovely times in it. Alan extended the fence upwards at the back with extendable met posts and we are now nice and private and it makes the gardne look a lot wider. The pond and its inhabitents are lovely to watch and we are now the proud owners of (we think ) about 10 babies and a new pond vac!

I have exchanged my oven and hob from my old house for a desk that we don't need - so it has gone back home and my old oven has been replaced at the previous house with a swish range cooker. The one I inherited here whistles all the time and it doesn't have a seperate grill - there was nothing wrong with the one I left so I was glad to have it and it was going to the tip if I didn't. Ross will have to put me in a gas pipe to enable me to fit the gas hob that came with it. I have an electric one which drives me mad - its either on full or almost off - not very efficient at all.

The next job will be the bathroom so we decided against having the stair carpet done yet as there will allsorts of stuff going up and down the stairs whilst its done.

I am enjoying a sandwich at the moment full of my own lettuce - we have broad beans, spring onions, lettuce and tomatoes growing there at the moment in a tiny but productive place.

My brother got married last weekend at York Registry Office and he is having a bbq on Saturday where we will meet his new wifes family. They have been waiting to be married about 8 years! as kids grew up and settled and finally there are together and Peter doesnt have a long journey to make every weekend. Hope the weather is OK - I have to make a huge fruit salad as my contribution.

Kate and Ross are now setting up home together - they are renting and should be moving in in a couple of weeks - so we are shopping together on Sunday for housey things whilst Alan goes to Croft with his eldest son. Andrew lives in Wales and has just been confirmed with MS so we will be pleased to see him - he is marshalling at Croft so he must be OK at the moment - apparently his eyes are the problem that triggered off the investigations, Alan will be glad to see him.

Well better get back to work - I am reading other blogs and commenting but can only get on at work and obviously not for too long!!


Sal said...

Hi there..great blog..have just found it!Now for a good read!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Lovely to hear that your nest building is still proving to be great fun... garden planning and planting is the icing on the cake as far as I am concerned...
Thank you so much for your comments on my school blog... Yes.. my Start Rite shoes were brown leather with cut out diamonds and crepe soles... I remember them as being very comfy and would love a pair now.
Life was wholesome and simple then.. how I would love life to be the same today for our own children.
In answer to your question.. I often find images from Google. Just put your search word in to Google images and voila!
Have fun..

MarmaladeRose said...

Hey, don't worry, you just join us where and when you can! There are enough pressures in real life, without any from blog land. love Fi x