Sunday, 23 December 2007

A Very Merry Xmas to all of you out there in the world

Good morning - I am up and ready for the scrum that we know as Tesco & possibly a little smattering of Sainsburys.

I have to thank you all for your wonderful comments they are truly heartening. At the end of the day its only a house move isn't it - there are people out there with nowhere to live at all and on reflection yesterday when my son and his fiancee visited and we had such a lovely time its easy to see its just not important. I miss him so much - I have a lump in my throat writing this - when do we Mums ever accept our children have moved on and don't need us anymore?? and the answer to that ladies, is 'never'. My heart breaks a little bit when he leaves but he is confident and loving and mature and thats all due to us isn't it................... We were saying at work how we miss their 'little' years so much and then you see them as adults and are so proud - we were all in tears and laughing at the same time mopping up tears - theres nothing like a good cry and now I have just had one now - so better change the subject.

I have to say to you all and I know I have said similar things before but finding you all out there in the ethos has filled a gap I had in my life I of knowing people with the same thoughts, tastes , values and interests. This has been a strange few months with the changes going on at home with the move, Adam moving out, and the horrible time at work as we lost large amounts of salary and colleagues found them set against each other (truly awful). Through all this I have read about your lives and laughed with you all and taken you to my heart.

So I thank you all for being there for me and each other, things are in perspective now and I think I got a bit wrapped up in the whole moving thing- I know it doesnt matter - but we are all home lovers aren't we and they are very important to us. It just feels so strange without my things around me at the moment I know they are only possessions but even David (who is my baby and was 20 yesterrday) said the house didn't feel like ours anymore - this comment from David is a big leap as he normally wants to discuss an exhaust system with you!

Poor Kate has been off work with a really bad bout of tonsilitis and of course as she is temping at the moment she doesn't get paid for sickness and of course the bank holidays that loom. We wont charge her board in January! She is on the mend now, arguing with her fiancee Ross because he bought himself a digital camera yesterday and she got him one for Xmas! I leave them to it, having lost the energy to argue with Xmas looming.

I was in our local garden centre yesterday getting my Mum her annual poinsettia and saw the lovely decs that are still left on the shelves and vowed that I shall be there after the event and buy some new ones for next year ( I do love a bargain) - there are some beautiful ones around this year aren't there and som many of them look vintage. I also found this year a lot of things that you could have out all year. There was also the most beautiful nativity set which I shall look out for first - I really think I need to remind myself sometimes why we are celebrating this event.

Right enough musings I must do my hair and grab a trolley with the multitudes. Have a very lovely Christmas all of you wherever you are. I shall add a picture of my Laura Ashley bargain from 2 years ago - I dont know where it will appear on the blog and will try and add one of my mantelpiece which I decided to decorate last night - even though I said I wouldn't!

Bye - have a lovely friendly family huggy time xxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

You may consider that these protracted ramblings are a little boring but.........

Todays news is yet more fascinating and unbelievable.......

Once upon at time there was an estate agent who loved lying......

It turns out that when my agents rang this am to tell me that the property with the building regulations query wouldn't be able to be inspected until after Xmas and I completely lost it and told them that was ridiculous and the building inspectors will come out the same day for a matter as urgent as this - it made him phone their agents to ask them to get their act together for the sake of the rest of us in the chain. It was at this point that those agents (they have been the atrociuos ones all the way through) hadn't been quite truthful and there was also another overlooked matter - that our buyers property now turns out be freehold and the 'management accounts' have to be provided before signing can take place!! and guess what they wont be available until after Xmas!.........................What can I say?- our agent has sold two properties on the new estate that the house is on and they havent been leasehold so it is just a pocket of housed that are?? Who knows.......So thats where we stay on this helter skelter of ups and downs.

Would you believe I finally shed a tear at the sheer frustration of it all. Then I left the office for the first time in ages at lunchtime and our phantom solicitor phoned - yes bloggers she does exist. This was to tell me that the transfer deed for our new house needed picking up urgently and returning tomorrow, signed by us. So we have done that. The letter with the papers also said that there are still issues with the 'chancel risk indemnity policy' , so I wrote back tonight and said to avoid any further long protracted discussions between solicitors we will pay for the house we are buying and the house we are selling and LETS GET ON WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Night night its 1205am and tomorrow I have the day off work to do some shopping...........

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

A 'maybe' date!!!

We signed our contract yesterday - they sent it in the Xmas post! I have always been and signed at the solicitors office in the past - but hey - lets not have any contact eh??
We found out that the 'issues' that our buyers, buyers are having is that they don't appear to have buildig regs for their extension and they are now awaiting a mortgage amendment letter which they also need before they can sign! This means that the 4th January can only be the DATE if they sign before Friday am.

So - we cant arrange anything yet and most people will close on Friday so I just hope if it is the 4th we get chance to arrange a van. The gas etc I can do whilst we are off for Xmas but its the van thats crucial. Weare having a 'man with a van' we shouldnt need the extra man because I have 2 strapping sons but if its the 11th then its not so easy for them to take hols. Hmmm so its a waiting game again.

I saw the lady who wanted to buy our house intially she has moved to a lovely victorian Terrace next to where I work. She was a little offhand with me at first - but when I said we were still trying to move she was very angry - she hadnt viewed anywhere else but ours until the agents finally said ours was gone but she had no idea that the agents had said she was ' too far down the line' when our chain fell apart earlier. She was furious as she had said they must let her know if anything happened with ours. She had had to find somewhere else but even her sale wobbled seriously at the end. They had a date to complete and two days before, they discovered that her buyers solicitor hadnt realised that her buyers cash which was in a trust fund and needed a weeks notice to withdraw the cash so the whole thing had to be put back a week. Why can't these professionals get it right. Anyway she parted amicably but so mad that she had missed our house (its in the village where her Mum lives and now she has to use the car ot see her every day instead of walkng about 600 yards) I don't know whether she will ring the agents to give them a rocket. Actually I would have loved the house she has bought but it only had a courtyard and thats what put us off.

We spoke to our seller last night and he is OK with either dates so lets see...............we are buying his dishwasher (now thats going to be a new experience!!) if his wife agrees and visiiting a couple of days before to get instructions on the ghost carp he is leaving in the pond etc

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Merry Xmas!

An unfestive picture but just noticed this picture as I was looking at the ones I have taken to add to the my blog and thought how lovely the colours are - these are my Lauras Ashley Arundel curtains in the bedroom - I am taking them with me - the chair is one of the pair I have recently had upholstered.

Now for Xmas!

Not a very exciting tree this year I'm afraid but it looks pretty in the corner of the lounge - I am regretting saying I would leave my curtains now! they are 3.5widths and 89 drop so they would have gone somewhere in the new house and now we find our sellers are taking all theirs which they said they were leaving - I didnt like them but they would have tided me over until I have some chosen. Anyway back to the tree! I made myself put only the red things on this year and I have packed up the other ornaments - Having taken a photo of it it looks rather bare but never mind. Do you like my wall decoration - I wanted these (there are two) for ages about three years ago - they were in our local department store and they finally reduced them on Xmas Eve to £9.99 each so I decided they had been waiting for me and bought them. I am just going to put my swag on the fireplace and that'll do for this year. Now we might have a date we have realised how many things we havent even looked at packing yet. So I have made myself a list so I do at least one thing every night - well one Xmas job and one moving job! That will mean one drawer sorted or cupboard each night and one Xmas chore like wrapping some pressies. Just got to finish the cards - I did some last night until 'Hope and Glory' finished - I love that film - especially the house on the river and there are loads of pre-war semis to look - just think next time I see it on the tele I will be in one.......................can't wait. Went to town and forgot to go to L Ashley - can't believe it. After seeing Lucy Blooms bargains I meant to go. We used to call in most days in our lunch hour but we havent really been out much at the moment - we have all been taking minimum lunch hours so we can build our flexi to do shopping nearer the time. I know I can make curtains but it would be nice for someone to take on the job for a change - have just met a friend in Sainsbury's who had some made and she will give me her number. I am hoping to find something in the LA sale - I say that flippantly - I am the world's worst procrastinator - I am totally incapable of making a decision on fabric for myself. I used to go with people to choose fabrics and styles etc when I made soft furnishings at home but not for myself........I think its because I want things like that (ie big purchases) to last for some years and I dont want something I will tire of. I love William Morris classics but the trouble is that there is too much choice out there now. Right must go and get some chores done. Festive greetings to you all x
PS I can never get my photos to add where I want within the blog ?? They always go to the top of the blog - any hints on how to have more control over them??

Friday, 14 December 2007

Dare I say a date is in sight???.................

Had a call from the estate agent who said that the first time buyers have signed and he was ringing round checking everyone had signed or was about to! He asked me to contact my Sol and ask if we could sign on Monday, Tuesday at the latest so everyone could complete on 4th January - Yes bloggers a date looms................................

So I rang and was told how busy they all are on a Friday because everyone wants to get sorted on a Friday - excuse me thats what we pay your bloomin bills for! She suggested that I email my sol as she was out at lunch till 2pm (this was well before 1pm!) so they must have been very busy.......
Anyway I emailed explaining what had been said by the agents and asking if she had resolved the 'chancel liability' problem - at 3.30pm nothing - the agent rang again and said that one of the vendors (the ones who were late getting their mortgage when we assumed they had it all sorted) could not possibly sign and complete on that date as they had outstanding issues - the agent said he thought that meant - "we arent prepared to rush anything for you lot!" Anyway it is left that those peoples agent will try and find out what the hold ups are on Monday and hopefully our solicitor will eventually find out who is paying this ruddy chancel money and we may sign on Tuesday?? Who knows......still 4th Jan would be great. So cross everything you have two of and lets hope it happens. Yip - thats not a full yippee just a tentative one!!

PS we finally got the form our sellers had signed showing what they are leaving after 4 letter requests, two emails and then a phone call from hubby this afternoon. Obviously they only answer to requests from men!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Update on the non-move!!

On Friday we had a letter from our solicitor asking us to send a copy of the survey report to her so our seller's sol can see it (we had written on 21st November with some queries raised by the survey a friend did verbally for us and our seller rang straight away and discussed the queries - we were happy with the answers and thought that our solicitor had been informed by his!! - never assume - so thats over three weeks to respond from our solicitors - can they not phone or email - are they allergic to these methods??

So, we spoke to our seller again on Sat am and he agreed to chase his sol. on Monday am. We discussed the problems we have had with mortgages and chains etc etc and he said he would write and ask for completion asap as he may lose his rental property if he can't sign for it soon and it has to be still available for others to rent until then. Anyway I mentioned the ludicrous 'potential chancel repair' indemnity to him and he said he hadn't heard of it so I explained it. He couldn't believe it.

So off we went to Alan's Mums and on our return we found another letter from our sol. She said that as our seller would not agree to pay the chancel indemnity for us she had notified our buyers sol that we would therefore not pay for theirs as we would have to pay for two policies. She has also said we won't pay for the planning indemnity as the sun room is so old etc etc. - which is fine. She then told us that our buyers are signing on Thursday but their sol says no completion before Xmas and would we agree to completion in the New Year! What else did she expect us to say ??

Anyway as you can see the two versions of our sellers thoughts on the chancel repair appear to differ! I have written again and asked her to clarify the situation and if possible do it by phone then maybe we can sign this week as well - nothing! the line of communication has gone dead again. I also asked for the third time if we could have a copy of the form showing what our sellers are leaving.

So it's official bloggers - we are here for Xmas. S0 I have had a deep and meaningful conversation with Alan. I have put our old artificial Xmas tree on freeserve tonight (we intend to get a new in the sales!! after we saw the bargains last year) and we will buy a small real one and get the bloomin thing up - I am unwrapping some decs and lets get some festivity into the house!

We are putting back some pics at the weekend and I am happy! ( Alan will get a surprise when he sees some decs he doesnt know we have) - I am going for greenery as well and them most of the decs can stay packed - we'll just do the lounge.

My Mam and Dad have also decided to come for Xmas dinner so we will get out the garden table and add it to our little one we have left. Ho Ho Ho - Christmas is coming to Mill Hill....................................the fact that the glasses are packed and the spare knives and forks!! - I have even done some online shopping tonight and will finish at the weekend on our local shops - cant face the towns now - they will be heaving.

So all I want for Xmas is (not front teeth I have my own!) a letter giving an invitation to sign our contract, a completion date and a form showing what we are being left..............Felicitations of the seasons to all of you xxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Update on move of the century!!

This is a copy of emails sent and received today re 'the move' - enjoy!

Monday email to my agent - Hi Stuart - Here is my weekly request for an update on the progression (or not ) of the chain!

Tuesday am reply - Hi Mrs M - I wasn't in the office yesterday, I've just spoken to Y*** Move and they are coming back to me when they have chased the First Time Buyer Kind Regards

Tuesday am from me - Thanks Stuart - I was panicking last night when you didnt respond - I thought - he doesnt want to tell me the bad news!! Mind you that might come later this am?? I am absolutely certain this is going to fall through.

Tuesday pm from agent - The First Time Buyer has their mortgage offer and searches have been sent for, so now I'm waiting for R*****s to update me on the next property up the chain to make sure they are all up to date, so I'll let you know later.

Tuesday from agent - The T******* now have a mortgage offer for the purchase of the A********* (our buyers house), so things are moving ahead, slowly. I'll chase again next week about the progress of the searches and the solicitors enquires. Stuart (me - so no rushing about there then - hey whats a week!!!!)

My final reply to Stuart - Thanks very much Stuart - as you are the only person prepared to correspond with me I'm afraid you are the one who's ear is bent!! I wasn't even aware that the T******** didn't have a mortgage offer in place - because they were in the chain before it broke down the first time I stupidly thought that they would have had one ready and waiting! Never assume. I have bought and sold seven houses since 1979 and Alan has bought and sold eight - we have never ever had such an appalling time. This is the 21st century and you would think that communication between all parties involved was using semaphore, pigeons or even smoke signals. We chose our solicitors as you recommended them for their modern approach to conveyancing - I have to disagree with you on that point. It is now two weeks since I answered their latest queries and I don't even get 'thanks for your letter and email' which would take at least 30 seconds of their very expensive time. We do not even know if the information and answers we gave are acceptable yet. If I had known what I know now I would have contacted the R*****s who also wanted our house when we fell at the first hurdle - but you try in this life to be decent and fair to people and the younger couple really wanted our house rub salt into the gaping wound! I see the R***** sale is completed and they will be in, redecorated and cosy for Xmas (can you detect the bitterness in this email??? ) My compliments of the season to you all - I would ask you all for a festive drink but the glasses are packed and the dining table sold!!

Stuarts reply was he would take me up on the drink and we wouldnt need a table - CHEEKY!!

So folks that is the latest in the saga of my life, things are moving very slowly. I spoke to our buyers (wife) and she said ' Oh we signed a paper that goes back to you on Saturday am" !!! I said that sounds like your contract! I explained that we sign our own then exchange them and then decide on a date to move!!

So we wont be in for Xmas - it sounds like our sellers, us and our buyers will be sat with contracts signed and waiting for the others in the chain to catch up.............................

For those who remember I had a bit of a run in with someone at work - well she has resigned and is going elsewhere! So its not all bad news !!!!......................................